BHU : Workshop on Inner Peace and Outer Dynamism

BHU : Workshop on Inner Peace and Outer Dynamism

BHU : the Institute of Management Studies (FMS), BHU organized an innovative workshop on “Inner peace and outer dynamism,” under the 'Student Well-being initiative’, recently launched by the Vice Chancellor of BHU for the holistic development of the students. The speaker of the workshop was Mr. Preetam Mahich, Faculty, Art of Living He highlighted the importance of our inner peace and the contagious vibes we carry through our attitude and behaviour, radiating ourselves through that.


The workshop started with the lighting of lamp and paying tribute to Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya Ji, the founder of BHU.


Following the tradition of BHU, the session further moved on with a performance of Kulgeet by the students. Professor Ashish Bajpai and Dr. Sashi Shrivastava welcomed the guest by presenting a bouquet.


Mr. Preetam emphasized on coordination of activities by following the seven levels of existence i.e., we as human beings exist on several levels, which are as follows:

Body- One is what their body is, therefore what one carries is depicted in their body. A disease-free body is important for a happy life.


Breathe- No one can exist without breathing, he emphasized the importance of breathing by sustaining our life by improving metabolism and therefore leading a healthy life Mind- Mr. Preetam told the students that the mind is one of the most powerful tools to harness all life's success. The mind is one that creates emotions.


Intellect- Through intellect, we make decisions therefore, what to do, and what not to do is to be decided by us through our intellectuals. therefore, it is important to work on it.


Memory- It is the ability to retain things. Thus, experience and memories lead to decision-making. An obsession-free memory is important for growth.


Ego- It is more subtle and more powerful. The ego should encompass everyone.

the last is the Self, which is stationary and not changing and sees everything else changing.


Mr Mahich was felicitated with a memento and a shawl by Professor Ashish Vajpayee and Dr. Shashi Shrivastav, student advisor. Dr. Anandita Chakraborty, Dr. Ram Shankar Uraon and Dr. Abhijeet Biswas also graced the event with their presence.


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