BHU organized the second day of the FLY program (Finding the Leader in You).

BHU : On 23rd September 2023, IM(FMS), BHU organized the second day of the FLY program (Finding the Leader in You).

The session started with a fun activity, which freshened the participants. The session focused on, “All about failure, its meaning, how to overcome failure, and strategies to mitigate risks.” 

The session was followed by an activity, ‘Avoid, accept, transfer, and limit,’ where the participants presented their business ideas.

The students were able to learn about the requirements to become a good leader, i.e., consciousness, perseverance, innovativeness, taking initiative, and problem-solving.

The session ended with explaining to the students, the importance of ‘innovativeness’ in a creative and existing manner. This program has been organized under Student Leadership & Life Skills Development Initiative'

Dr. Anindita Chakraborty, Asstt. Professor, Institute of Management, is coordinator of this initiative. The session was taken by Usha Oza, Competitiveness Mindset Institute USA.

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