So that the 'saloni' of every house keeps smiling


So that the 'saloni' of every house keeps smiling

Yogi Sarkar will treat children with heart disease in collaboration with Saloni Heart Foundation

Team Yogi went to US for UPGIS-23 signed MoU with Saloni Heart Foundation

Center for Excellence in Pediatric Cardiology Unit to be built at SGPGI at a cost of 480 crores

Children born with heart disease will be able to get state-of-the-art treatment facilities

Surgery will be done for every 5 thousand children, 10 thousand children will be treated

Lucknow. Former Dean of AIIMS Delhi and Vice Chancellor of Pandit BD Sharma University Prof. According to the report of Anita Saxena, every year 2 lakh 40 thousand children are born with heart disease in the country. 20 percent of these babies require heart surgery within the first year to survive. Many of them die due to lack of treatment. Most of the children who die are from UP, Bihar, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Delhi. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has come forward to help such innocent children. The state government will establish a Center for Excellence in Pediatric Cardiology Unit at SGPGI in collaboration with America's Saloni Heart Foundation. Surgery of 5 thousand children and treatment of 10 thousand children will be done in this unit every year. Foundation's experts will visit the unit from time to time and will also give necessary advice online. It is noteworthy that under the guidance of CM Yogi, the delegation that went to the US to raise investment for the Global Investors Summit 2023 has signed an MoU with the Saloni Heart Foundation. Under this MoU, the foundation will set up a 200-bed Pediatric Cardiology Center at SGPGI at a cost of Rs 480 crore.

Will start with 30 bed unit

In a high-level meeting before Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Additional Chief Secretary, Infrastructure and Industrial Development, Arvind Kumar told that during the US tour of GIS 2023, an Indian-origin couple living in California was found and Himanshu Seth had diagnosed congenital malformations in children at SGPGI, Lucknow. Expressed his desire to build a unit for the treatment of upcoming heart diseases. For this, he has signed an MoU of Rs 480 crore with the Uttar Pradesh government. Under this, a Center for Excellence in Pediatric Cardiology Unit will be set up at SGPGI. In the initial phase, the unit will be started with 30 beds, for which SGPGI director RK Dhiman has given approval. After its successful implementation, the unit will be expanded to 100 beds in the second phase and 200 beds in the third phase. Every year, surgery for 5 thousand children suffering from this disease and treatment of 10 thousand children will be possible here. After this unit is fully operational, Saloni Heart Foundation can build another unit in collaboration with BHU.

Foundation made in memory of daughter

Finance Minister Suresh Khanna, who is on a US tour, told the Chief Minister that Milli Seth, the founder and president of the foundation, is a resident of Delhi. She used to run her own firm in Delhi while her husband Himanshu Seth worked in multinational IT company. In the year 2005, their younger daughter Saloni was born, who had congenital heart disease (congenital heart disease). First wrong treatment in Delhi in 2007 and then in 2010 he was declared incurable. The treatment of this disease was not possible in India. This led the couple to shift to the US, where Saloni was rescued by Stanford Children's Hospital in 2011 and recovered. But in 2018, he lost Saloni to complications due to delayed treatment earlier. After this the couple laid the foundation of Saloni Heart Foundation in the year 2019 in the name of their daughter. Since then, this foundation has been managing the treatment of newborn children suffering from this disease in India. In this sequence, he is now committed to establish the first Pediatric Cardiology Unit in Uttar Pradesh. According to the Finance Minister, Founder Mili Seth says that there is a lack of training infrastructure and specialization for such diseases in India. At the same time, doctors of Indian origin are handling the command of top US hospitals, who are ready to fill this gap in India by joining their campaign.

23 top super specialists of the world are associated with the foundation

Milli Seth, founder of Saloni Heart Foundation, told that 23 super specialist pediatric cardiologists and pediatric cardiothoracic surgeons of the world are associated with her organization. Through these, she provides free medical advice to the families of children related to this disease in India. In the US, the cost of this one doctor's advice is more than 2 thousand dollars i.e. more than 1.5 lakh rupees. Along with this, he also conducts surgeries for children through panel doctors. Not only this, through the Foundation, since 2020, 11 such youths of the country have also been given full scholarships for MBBS course, who had qualified NEET, but did not have the money for the course. Along with fees, laptops have also been made available to such students. Mili Seth told that her daughter's surgery was done by Dr. Reddy. She wanted to become a surgeon like him. We are trying to keep our daughter's dream alive by helping children who are suffering from such a serious disease in Uttar Pradesh.

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