The topic of deliberation was “Regulatory Governance: A Discussion on Indian Context


The topic of deliberation was  “Regulatory Governance: A Discussion on Indian Context

A web talk was organized  at ‘Paricharcha Platform’ (Academia- Administrator Interface: Implications for Practice of Public Administration in India) through Webex by the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) Banaras Hindu University. The topic of deliberation was  “Regulatory Governance: A Discussion on Indian Context”. This web talk was delivered by the honorable Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ajmer Singh Malik of Chaudhary Devi Lal University, Sirsa, Haryana. Professor Malik talked about the meaning of regulatory governance, its types and different perspectives, the need area of regulation, and the need for research in the area of regulatory governance. 

Professor Malik mentioned that in the era of L.P.G. reforms since 1991, the regulatory governance has played a vital role in maintaining the market equilibrium and at the same time delivering quality services to the people. He pointed out that the growing role of specialized knowledge, societal differentiation, interdependence, and proliferation highlights the importance of regulatory governance.

The speaker also emphasized that due to complex circumstances and the demand for specialization, there is a need for cooperation and support of NGOs and various other voluntary groups. To provide better, robust, and effective regulation the state has to depend on non-state actors. Along with engaging state actors, the government also engaged non state actors to promote Public Private Partnership organizations in the formulation and implementation of policy and programs. 

Prof. Malik also pointed out the need for regulation in India, he mentioned that the economic reform of 1985, 1991 and post-1991 emphasized the need for regulatory governance. He further clarified that the areas like environment, health, safety, consumer protection etc. 

In concluding remarks, Professor Malik added that research in-depth is required on the issue of regulatory governance, its functioning, its role in engagement of public private sectors, its effectiveness in regulation and various other aspects.

This web talk was attended by faculty members, research scholars and students of the public administration and political science of BHU and its affiliated colleges. Dr Pradeep Parida channelized a question-answer session where a diverse range of questions were asked by the students and scholars. 

The Presidential remark was given by Prof. Shubha Rao, Head of the Department, of Political Science BHU, Prof. Abhinav Sharma conducted this web talk and the formal vote of thanks was given by Dr. Govind Kumar Inakhiya.

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