State government is promoting eco-tourism

State government is promoting eco-tourism

 State government is promoting eco-tourism

Basti : Uttar Pradesh is a big center of tourism encompassing Indian culture. From tradition to mythology, glimpses of mythology can be seen here. There is immense potential for tourism in Uttar Pradesh. Keeping this in view, the Chief Minister of the state Yogi Adityanath has announced the tourism policy of Uttar Pradesh. In which eco-tourism is being promoted in the state. Under this, the forest and tourism departments are working together to develop the areas related to rural tourism at the beautiful places present in the natural and forest areas. Under the eco-tourism policy, necessary facilities are being developed in the potential areas with the cooperation of the local people to attract tourists without harming the nature. This policy of the state government will provide employment to the local people, as well as sell various items of various types of cottage industries produced locally and will be recognized at the national and international level. The sale of locally produced goods will bring economic prosperity to the people. Under the one district one product policy of the government, the identification of the manufactured goods of a particular district/region will also be made.

The state government is promoting eco-tourism to promote self-reliant India campaign. The state government is bringing tourists closer to nature on the theme of tourism and rural development. There are rivers and natural areas full of forests, forests, water falls, hilly and green areas in the state. In order to attract tourists to these areas, road construction, lodging and other necessary facilities are being developed according to the forest policy for traffic. There are many bird sanctuaries in the state which attract tourists. There are natural scenes in many districts of the state which are the center of attraction. For religious tourism in the state, a convenient route has been paved for the tourists by making many religious circuits including Ramayana circuit, Buddhist circuit, Mahabharata circuit, Shakti circuit etc. Similarly, infrastructure facilities are being developed in the respective areas to promote eco-tourism.

To promote eco-tourism, the state government is undertaking development work in Pilibhit Tiger Reserve located in Pilibhit district. In this work, the people of that area will be facilitated to tour the tourists without harming the nature. This will provide employment and development to the regional people.

Similarly, development works are being done to promote eco-tourism at Rajdari and Devdari waterfalls located in Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary of Chandauli in the state. From the point of view of eco-tourism, natural waterfalls, fossil parks of Chandauli, Mirzapur, Sonbhadra districts are full of natural heritage. Nature-given natural sites are also present at these sites. Which is planned to be developed as an eco-tourism hub by giving wide publicity. This will increase the income of the people along with earning revenue.

Action is also being taken to develop eco-tourism in Dudhwa Tiger Reserve area, Katarnia Ghat Wildlife Sanctuary, Gorakhpur area Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary etc. The eco-tourism policy of the state government will definitely provide employment to the local people and promote forest medicines, cottage industries, traditional skills. The state government has developed the Pawan Path website based on the famous temples of Varanasi. Under the tourism policy of the state government, arrangements have been made for financial incentives to the tourism units.

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