Banaras Hindu University is going to execute a concrete and broader planning for mass sports participate to the students.


Banaras Hindu University is going to execute a concrete and broader planning for mass sports participate to the students.

                The University Sports Board has prepared a massive work plan for mass sports participation for the students in compliance the special direction of Vice Chancellor Prof. Sudhir Kumar Jain, Prof. Jain believe that the complete development of students is only possible through the sports participation and it will ultimately help us to create conductive environment in all the aspects on the campus. Where our students can live with brother hoodness to each other and also develop helpfulness to words for other students as well as the citizen. Prof. Jain told that our all the playfields will be strictly restricted for the outsides and only our students will be entitled to use the sports facility of the campus. He called upon our all the students residing in the hostels as well as in the delegacy should come out and participate in any sports discipline in morning and evening sessions besides their academic activates.

                Within this broader work plan the emphasis is being given on the mass sports participation of our students and the playfields of different Institutes/Faculties/has been redisignated for acomodaby all the institutes of the campus. In this regards. The playfield infront of Ruiya Hostel has been earmarked for Institute of Medical Science and faculty of SVDV. The playfield in front of Birla Hostel has been earmark for the students of Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Social Science, Faculty of Visual Arts and Faculty of Performing Arts. Whereas the playfield infront of Brocha Hostel allotted to Institute of Science, Institute of Management Studies and Institute of IESD. The playfield behind the students Health center has been created for Institute of Agricultural Science, Faculty of Law and Faculty of Commerce. The sports Information of MMV, Faculty of Education and RGSC will also enriched and students will be motivated to participate in the sports practices of different sports disciplines. The amphitheater ground will be utilized for only elite sports persons of different discipline who have ability to represent University, State and Nation in national and international competition.

                In the process of Competitive of this massive work plan Vice Chancellor Prof. S.K. Jain given his kind sanction to install flood lights for all the sports fields of main campus as well as the RGSC. It will enable our students to do sports practices up to late night for irrigation, maintenance and greenness of playfields a underground water pipelines are being layed at each playfields. The four to five open air Gym systems are being installed beside the street cot the campus, and RGSC. Which will provide our students and employs to do Gym training at open air spaces. Prof. Sudhir Kumar Jain has a vision that all the students should come out to the playfields in morning and evening session and do their sports practices for any sports discipline beside their academic activates.

                Each Institute/Faculty/ College will be assisted with all the sports equipments at initial stooge of their work plan and at later stage it will be mayed by the Institute/Faculty/College concern only, Prof. Jain directed all the Directors/Dean/Principles to create a mass sports participation mechanism at their institution level and also called upon the students to ceruse out for sports practices at their earmarked playfields which will able to create an ideal environment of brother hood and helpfulness within the campus.

                Prof. Dinesh Chandra Rai, Vice-President and Prof. Abhimanyu Singh, General Secretary of University Sports Board appreciated the initiative of Vice Chancellor Prof. Sudhir Kumar Jain for developing over all sporting environment on the campus and he considered this work plan as historical and game changing for the University Sports. He also called upon the students of the Campus for mass participation in different sports disinter and creative ideal environment. He ensured that the sports facilities will be upgraded and developed time to time on the basis of our beloved students.    

Prof. Dinesh Chandra Rai

Vice-President, University Sports Board


Dinesh Chandra Rai, PhD

                    Commonwealth Fellow (UK), FNADS, FUPAAS, FSESc, FSAB, FBRS

Professor & Founding Head, Department of Dairy Science & Food Technology

Vice-President, University Sports Board (USB), BHU

Program Coordinator, IGNOU Study Centre 48003

Chairman, Indian Dairy Association (Eastern UP Chapter)

Institute of Agricultural Sciences 

Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi - 221 005 (UP), INDIA

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