Vaccine for Children: Govt. approves Covaxin for 6-12 years age group

Vaccine for Children: Govt. approves Covaxin for 6-12 years age group

The Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) on 26 April gave restricted emergency use authorisation to Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin for children between the age of 6-12 years. 

This is a significant leap towards ensuring a safe and effective rollout of vaccines for children in India, a decision that is as critical as it is crucial amidst the recent spike in cases. The pandemic is far from over, and vaccines are our best bet on staying safe.

Earlier, the expert panel of the Drug Controller General of India recommended granting emergency use authorisation for Biological E’s Covid-19 vaccine Corbevax for children in the 5 to 12 years age group.

Vaccine for Children – All that you need to Know

So, far following Vaccines have been granted ‘Restricted Use in Emergency Situations’  for Children;

1. ‘Covaxin’ for ages >6 to <12

2. ‘Corbevax’ for ages >5 to <12

3. 2 doses of ‘ZyCoV-D’ for the age group above 12

As a consequence of reliance on scientific & epidemiological evidence and pro-active implementation, India’s COVID-19 vaccination programme has achieved the historical milestone of administering more than 187.95 cr vaccine doses so far. 90% of the adult population of the country has been covered with at least one dose and 62% of the adult population has been covered with both doses.

Biological E Limited, Corbevax vaccine is India’s first indigenously developed Receptor Binding Domain (RBD) Protein sub-unit vaccine against COVID-19. It is administered through an intramuscular route with two doses scheduled 28 days apart and is stored at 2 to 8 degrees’ Celsius temperature 0.5 ml (single dose) and 5 ml (10 doses) vial pack.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the COVID19 vaccine for children;

What are the precautions one must take before and after the vaccination?

Avoid getting vaccinated on an empty stomach
Wait for 30 minutes at the vaccination site after being vaccinated
If there is any concern during this period, consult the staff at the centre
Even during and after vaccination, one must follow the COVID-19 Appropriate Behaviour like hand sanitisation, wearing a face mask and maintaining physical distancing.
Are these vaccines safe for children?  

These COVID19 vaccines (Corbevax, COvaxin & ZyCovD) have received approvals after rigorous research. Experts in India and worldwide, including doctors, scientists, and researchers at the best institutes, have worked on them. The vaccines have received approval after being determined that they have no significant (reported) side effects during the trials.

What to do if the child experiences side effects after getting vaccinated?

Vaccines are proven safe, but a child may experience pain, redness and swelling at the injection site, low-grade fever, headache, generalised weakness, discomfort, etc., for two or three days after vaccination.

These are normal reactions that get better on their own. If symptoms persist, the Ministry of health provides 24/7 support and guidance on helpline number 1075 or one can also visit the nearest government health facility for medical advice. The vaccination team must be informed about the adverse event for further reporting into the Co-WIN portal. 

Widespread vaccination has been instrumental in curbing the spread of coronavirus, therefore it is important that all parents or concerned guardians take their child for vaccination.

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