Under the auspices of the University Sports Board in BHU, the new session of swimming pool 2022-2023


BHU : Under the auspices of the University Sports Board in Banaras Hindu University, the new session of swimming pool 2022-2023 was inaugurated by the Rector of Banaras Hindu University, Professor VK Shukla, Vice President of Vishwa Vidyalaya Sports Council, Prof. DC. Rai and General Secretary Prof. The puja by Abhimanyu Singh was concluded with Havan. On this occasion Student Dean Prof. KK Singh, Prof. Malikarjun Joshi Former Vice President University Sports Council, Prof. Sangeeta Chairperson Swimming Women, Prof. Maya Shankar Singh, Dr. Vidyasagar Singh, Prof. Sandeep Kumar, Dr. Sushil Dubey, Dr. Khurshid Ahmed, Dr. Dhirendra Tiwari, Dr. Pradeep Khalko, Dr. Rajiv Singh, Dr. Vaibhav Rai, Dr. Hariram Yadav, Mr. Robin Kumar Singh and Dr. Shailesh from Department of Physical Education And Dr. Lynette Khakha and other teachers and guests were present. Pro. VK Shukla gave information about the entire arrangement of the operation of the swimming pool after the closure of the swimming pool for 2 years due to the Karona epidemic, General Secretary University Sports Council Prof. Dr. Kavita Verma, Assistant Director Swimming, received by Abhimanyu Singh informed that a new trainee swimming pool will be started in the first phase. This year the swimming pool has been scheduled to be operated for 2 sessions from April to July and August to November. Two morning and evening sessions of the swimming pool will be conducted from 6:00 am to 8:45 am and evening session from 4:30 to 7:15. In this time table, different timings will be provided to the swimming trainee. To get membership of the swimming pool, the membership registration form form which is of ₹ 50 can be obtained in the swimming pool office from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm from 4:00 to 6:00 pm and the registration can also be done at the same time. Will be done . There are three categories to get membership in the swimming pool :-

1. Bonafide students of Banaras Hindu University whose membership fee is Rs 1250 for 4 months one session.

2. The fee for membership of Banaras Hindu University's teachers, officers and employees and their families is ₹ 2050 for 4 months 1 session.

3. Guest member These members will have to submit their membership form through recommendation by the official staff and teachers of Banaras Hindu University to get membership of the swimming pool, whose membership fee is ₹ 2000 for 1 month and ₹ 1100 for 15 days. Has happened.

Everyone gave good wishes and best wishes for the operation of the swimming pool. Identity card of the swimming pool whose fee is ₹ 50. No member can enter the swimming pool without the membership of the swimming pool and without the identity card.

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