Science popularization And social uplift For Science Ganges Of twelfth numbers Of launch


Science popularization And social uplift For Science Ganges Of twelfth numbers Of launch

BHU :  Science Institute Of director Office Of Committee room in Hindi publication committee , science Institute , Kashi Hindu university By published research magazine Science - Ganga Of twelfth numbers Of launch main Guest Science And Engineering Research Board ( Science And Technology Department ), New Delhi Of Secretary And BHU Of alumnus Prof. _ Sandeep Verma By Did Went. 

This Occasion Feather magazine Of Appreciation Do happened main Guest Prof. _ Sandeep Verma has said That today Us science , technology , agriculture And medical relative useful informations To society Of The last person till deliver Necessary Ho Went Is. 

This time India Government as well New education Policy Of under Different languages To priority Give doing Is. They said That if Science - Ganga magazine in published articles Of Different Indian languages in Ho could So Its Benefit Comprehensive measures Feather mill Will be able They This Direction in publication Committee By done Go are tasks Of Commendable Of.

Program Of presiding Do happened Science Institute Of director Prof. _ Anil Youth tripathi has said That today our society To Science popularization Of Channel from Science Of original informations To delivering Of Need is By which their life health And Economic vision from Better become could And our Nation Prosperous Ho Can you We scientists To together This Work To Ahead raise up needed.

Science Institute Of head of faculty And Science - Ganga Advisor Board Of senior Member Prof. _ Madhulika Agarwal has Hindi publication Committee By published This magazine Of Enough Appreciate Of And Institute Of All Acharyas from in this Contribution to do Of call Did.

             Hindi publication Committee Of coordinator Prof. _ the universe Youth opinion has main Guest And Present Acharyas Of Welcome Do happened said That We Science - Ganga Of Twelve numerals till total 1593 pages Of publication Did in which _ about 470 scientists articles And Science poems Of Channel from from about 526 More Science writers To One Forum Feather brought Is. 

They Told That This magazine Of publication Science popularization , promotion _ _ And writing Of Direction in induction Of Work Tax Stayed Is. it Hindi in published having Wally One Such popular scientist magazine is that countrywide Of universities , colleges And Research Institutions in working scholars And public Of for Enough useful Is.

magazine Of Deputy editor Dr. _ Mercy Shankar tripathi has Told That it numbers Covering including total 132 multicolored pages Of Is. This numbers in Total 44 Scientists article , scientist Poems , Scientist news , scientific report , book review committee _ Of important publication Etcetera published Huh. 

They Told That in this Many special useful article As Indian Science And Technology : Nectar Festival from Century Festival Of Travel Of format , laser By gravitational waves Of Search And universe Of sound , water Of Diverse type And their importance , indian space Research organization Of interesting And world class fact , physical energy balance Etcetera  published Huh. 

This All folks Of curiosities Of Solution to do the ones Huh. Its publication Hindi publication Committee , Kashi Hindu university And scientist And technology Glossary commission , education Ministry , India Government Of share Economic help from Well-to-do Happened Is.

This Occasion Feather Science Institute Of chemicals Department Of President Prof. _ Spell Shankar lion , vegetable Science Of President Prof. _ N. _ Of Dubey , Bhaumiki Department Of President Prof. _ Rajeev Bhatla , University Of Information And public relation Officer Dr. _ Rajesh Singh , Assistant Information Officer Doctor Chandrashekhar , Assistant Registrar Mister Ashok Sharma And Mister Shardul Choubey Etcetera Present are. Program Of Operation Dr. _ Mercy Shankar tripathi And Thank you memorandum Prof. _ the universe Youth opinion By Did Went.

This Occasion Feather director Prof. _ Anil Youth Tripathi , Head of Faculty Prof. _ Madhulika Agarwal And coordinator Prof. _ the universe Youth opinion By main Guest Prof. _ Sandeep Verma To Commemoration Sign provide Tax honored Did Went.

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