Open negligence in review - angry divisional commissioner gave instructions

 Open negligence and Khanapuri poll in the review- Annoyed Divisional Commissioner gave instructions, give the correct report and keep the figures correct

Ayodhya: In the review of the ongoing development projects and construction works in and around Ayodhya Dham, the negligence and dishonesty of the department and officials was exposed on Wednesday. 

The officials were unable to give proper information and the figures presented were seen to be slandering the ground reality. Regarding which the Divisional Commissioner has taken a strong stand. 

The officers have been instructed to give the correct report and keep the figures correct. In fact, on Wednesday, Divisional Commissioner Navdeep Rinwa had called a meeting in the Commissioner's auditorium to review the development projects and construction works in and around Ayodhya, which are included in the priority of the state government and the Chief Minister.

 In the review meeting, information was sought from the officers about the plans and works of their department, while many started peeping from side to side and some started giving information here and there. 

The angry divisional commissioner instructed all the officers to come to the meeting with full preparation, not to bring half-incomplete information, to fill all the points of the format of the booklet under his supervision, to not feed the wrong data, so that after duly tallying the data, it was instructed to sign. Gave. 

In the meeting, District Magistrate Nitish Kumar told that during the visit to Ayodhya area on Tuesday morning, there was not enough cleanliness in the Sulabh toilet during the inspection of Sulabh toilet and at one place a family is residing. 

Expressing his displeasure with the Municipal Commissioner, he said that this is the condition when a meeting has been given by the Chief Minister and other officers. 

After the Additional Municipal Commissioner presented the details of the various works conducted by the Municipal Corporation, it was instructed that the construction of Kanha Gaushala costing Rs.8 crore 52 lakh 57 thousand should be completed soon.

 Under Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Yojana, Rs 50 lakh has been sanctioned to the Municipal Corporation for rejuvenation of 33 parks in Ayodhya at a cost of Rs 6 crore 12 lakh. Under the Swachh Bharat Mission, the tender process should be completed in 15 to 20 days for the purchase of cleaning equipment from the approved amount of Rs 8 crore 26 lakh to the Municipal Corporation and after purchase from JM portal, its operation should also be started by the end of April. . 

Giving information about door to door collection of garbage, the Municipal Officer said that in those wards where garbage collection is not happening now, it will also be done soon. On this, the Divisional Commissioner said that he would provide the list of those wards and get feedback from these wards to his subordinate officer. 

He said that for the construction of Sita Lake behind Opium Kothi on the Parikrama Marg, an amount of Rs 3 crore has been sanctioned to the Government Bay Corporation for the recycling of heritage waste in a scientific manner. 

Corporation officials said that this work was to be completed by April 30, but due to the excessive amount of waste land, it may take another 15 days. Relatively 1 crore 60 lakh has been released for Animal Birth Control at a cost of 3 crore 20 lakh and by June 30, the work of Animal Birth Control will be started after completing the construction work. 

The government has sanctioned Rs. 2 crore 50 lakh for the construction of 5 RCC drain, Rs. 50 lakh for the beautification of the pond located in front of Ashtabhuji Mata temple in Kusmaha, which will be completed by September. The work of Municipal Corporation Ayodhya Sewerage Scheme District One Part-1 costing 243 crore 84 lakh 54 thousand will be completed by August 2023. 221 crore 65 lakh 76 thousand, 54 crore 56 lakh 62 thousand have been released in the drinking water scheme phase-3 for the city's inter-sepson and diversion scheme. 

The water of 5 drains of Ayodhya, 15 of the city and 1 of Cantt used to fall in the holy Saryu river. 5 drains of Ayodhya Dham have already been tapped by bio-remediation method while work is in progress on 15 drains. Regarding a drain in the Cantt area, the commissioner directed the DM and CDO to negotiate and resolve the land arrangement. 

It was told that Rs 179 crore 60 lakh in relation to 240 crore approved for undergrounding the remaining overhead electrical wires of Ayodhya city, 1 crore against 24.5 crore for construction of parking facility on the unusable over-house complex plot of District Panchayat located in Tedhibazar, Ayodhya Development Authority. 

1 crore against Rs. 4 crore 66 lakh in Kaushalesh Kunj scheme parking facility, two crore against Rs. 12 crore 68 lakh for development of parking facility in front of Jalkal Amaniganj, development of public aminaries and parking and public facility near Tedhibazar intersection for shopping complex. 

An amount of one crore rupees has been released from the government against 30 crore 79 lakh. Instructions have been given to expedite the construction of Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram International Airport, which is included in the top priority work of the Chief Minister. District Magistrate Nitish Kumar, Chief Development Officer Smt. Anita Yadav, Project Director RP Singh, departmental officers and representatives of the concerned executive organization were present in the meeting.

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