On Parkinson's disease, there is a need for a new comprehensive research in BHU - Prof. Anil Kumar Tripathi

 On Parkinson's disease, there is a need for a new comprehensive research in BHU, research should be done by taking experts from different departments - Prof. Anil Kumar Tripathi

Lecture organized on World Parkinson's Day

Symptoms and prevention told to patients and relatives

Varanasi. The IMS Neurology Department of Banaras Hindu University and the Department of Biochemistry of the Institute of Science organized an awareness program in the lecture hall of Neurology on World Parkinson's Day. The chief guest of the program was Professor A. Of. Be Tripathi. During this, experts told the patients and their relatives that Parkinson's Day is a neurological disease. In which the patient has a problem of vibration. In later days the patient has amnesia. This disease can occur at any age.

Director of the Institute of Science Professor A. Of. Tripathi said that the people of the Institute of Science and IMS need to work unitedly. If everyone's research works together, we can do better and patients will benefit.

Professor Surya Singh, Head of the Department of Biochemistry, Institute of Science, discussed new dimensions of Parkinson's research. He emphasized on the research of modern medicine for Parkinson's with Ayurvedic medicines in Indian system of medicine.

Assistant Professor Dr Abhishek Pathak said that Parkinson's disease is such a disease in which first we try to control it with medicine, but many times it is not controlled by medicine, and later it requires surgery, which is a convenience. Not available with us. Prof. Deepika Joshi and Dr. Varun Kumar Singh discussed about the problems being faced by the patients.

During this, Professor RN Chaurasia said that Parkinson's disease is a slowly progressing disorder in the nervous system, which affects the activity of the whole body. Symptoms include tremors, slow movement, stiff muscles, abnormal body posture and balance, pauses in natural movements, changes in speech, changes in handwriting, etc. Its symptoms are seen differently in all patients. The program was conducted by Dr. Vijaynath Mishra and thanked Dr. Surya Singh.

During this Junior Residence Anand Shastri, Madhusudan, Fawas, Vismay, besides PhD students Nidhi Chandra, Vinita Singh, Bhargavi Mishra, Priya Dev, Aparna Khatri, Priyanka Gautam (ask the name of PhD students of Biochemistry from their Head of Department, Prof. Surya Singh ji) Including dozens of students were present.

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