Initiative to make farmers self-reliant, UP's first air-conditioned mushroom production center ready


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Initiative to make farmers self-reliant, UP's first air-conditioned mushroom production center ready

The central government is working on many fronts to increase the income of farmers through improved farming. Under this, now the state government in UP is working rapidly in this direction. An initiative has been started to make the farmers of the state self-reliant through mushroom cultivation.

Air Conditioned Mushroom Production Center

In fact, the state's first air-conditioned mushroom production center has been made ready at a cost of Rs. About one quintal of mushroom can be produced per day at this air-conditioned and state-of-the-art center. Mirzapur will now become a hub of mushroom production. From this center the demand of mushroom in Purvanchal will be fulfilled. Being air conditioned, the center will produce mushrooms throughout the year.

Help will be provided to farmers

Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh is encouraging farmers to take up mushroom cultivation along with traditional farming. Apart from providing employment to the farmers, the aim of the government is also to make them self-reliant. Button mushroom cultivation will be done in a state-of-the-art air-conditioned production center. From here, the farmers will also be provided with mushroom spawn i.e. seeds. Farmers will also be told the right way to avoid diseases and pests, to make compost.

One quintal of mushroom will be born every day

Uday Pratap Singh, a young farmer resident of Baghoda in Rajgarh, after studying B.Sc Agriculture, decided to do self-employment instead of a job. With the encouragement of District Horticulture Officer Mevaram, air-conditioned and state-of-the-art centers are being established. Button mushroom will be grown by greenhouse technology. The production of button mushroom is more than 20 kg per square meter.

Uday Pratap Singh said that about one quintal of mushroom will be produced every day after the production center starts. This will give employment to the people. At present, its price is Rs 100 to 250 per kg. Mushroom costs around Rs 70 per kg. The first will be the production of button mushrooms.

Oyster mushroom rich in medicinal properties

District Horticulture Officer Mevaram told that farmers can become self-reliant by mushroom cultivation. Oyster mushroom cultivation is very easy and cheap. It also has more medicinal properties than other mushrooms. Oyster mushroom cultivation is becoming popular in many states. Button mushroom is grown more in low temperature areas, but now it can be grown everywhere by greenhouse technology. The promotion and promotion of button mushroom cultivation is being given a lot of encouragement by the government. At present it is doing well in the state.

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