Financial aid loan scheme launched for needy students in BHU

Financial aid loan scheme launched for needy students in BHU

Eligible students will get annual amount of Rs 12000

The purpose of the interest free loan is to continue the education of needy students in Banaras Hindu University.

On getting employment after completion of education in BHU, the amount can be returned in installments in two years.

Varanasi : Banaras Hindu University has started the Financial Assistance Loan Scheme to help the students pursuing their studies, who face challenges to study in the university due to financial condition. Under this scheme, such students whose family income is less than the poverty line or who have lost their parents / guardians due to Kovid or any other reason, on whose earnings they are dependent, will be able to get financial assistance of Rs. To complete his education freely in Banaras Hindu University. The recommendation of two faculty members of the university will also be mandatory in favor of the students applying under this scheme.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Sudhir Kumar Jain has said that Banaras Hindu University belongs to its students and the university administration will take all possible steps to help the students to complete their education in BHU. The Vice Chancellor has said that their financial condition should not become a hindrance in the welfare of the students. The Financial Assistance Loan Scheme is the embodiment of this commitment of the University.

This financial assistance will be provided to the students in the form of interest free loan, which they can pay after completing their education in Banaras Hindu University and on getting employment. At present 1000 students will be given the benefit of this scheme, for which about 200 applications have been received, and out of these 103 applications have been approved. Pro. Of. Of. According to Singh, Student Dean, Banaras Hindu University, another application process will be started soon to reach more students under the scheme.

Those students who are already getting financial help from any other agency, their application will be considered for that amount so that it does not reach more than Rs.12000/-. The financial assistance received by the beneficiary students will not be linked to their fees. After getting employment, students will be asked to pay this loan in installments in two years. Neither the parents of the beneficiary student nor the faculty members recommending his/her application will be responsible for the repayment of this loan.

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