Exam Parv- 4.0: Now bye-bye to Exam Fear

 Exam Parv- 4.0: Now bye-bye to Exam Fear

The rounds of examinations are starting in the coming months. Along with the board exams of children, many competitive exams are to be organized. Children have to face many mental problems due to taking the examination as an extra burden. Keeping this in mind, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) is celebrating Exam Parv-4.0 from Monday i.e. from April 11 to May 31. The event is an attempt towards making examinations a pleasurable activity, taking forward PM Modi's “Pariksha Pe Charcha” programme.

purpose of the event

NCPCR is celebrating exams with its campaign 'Pariksha Parv' since 2019. Every year this dialogue program is organized at the national level to solve the problems of the students. Pariksha Parv-4.0, conducted by NCPCR for Stress Management of Exam Appearing Students, aims to bring about a change in the attitude of the children towards the stress caused by the examination at one platform and to relieve their anxiety before the examination result. The purpose of celebrating the festival of examinations is to see the examination as a celebration rather than as a stress.

What is Exam Parv-4.0

There is a national platform to listen to the problems faced by the children regarding the examination and take important suggestions from the experts to solve them. Pariksha Parv 4.0 is an attempt to provide a platform to the students, parents and teachers to share their views and get guidance and important suggestions from experts. Talking about and sharing the thoughts that are uncomfortable in stressful times by the children will help in reducing the stress of the students to a great extent.

Many activities will be involved

Various activities have been included in Pariksha Parv 4.0. This year a multi-pronged approach will be adopted with the aim of reaching out to the teachers and parents apart from the children. Interactions with experts to reduce stress and anxiety due to exams will be streamed live on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube of NCPCR and YouTube of Doordarshan National and New India Junction, so that students can avail the program through online mode. Can you Extension of NCPCR's toll-free tele-consultation service Sansthan-(1800-121-2830) run by counselors to deal with covid related stress now with the aim of handling exam and result related questions, stress and anxiety for students Will be done.

Inspired by the program “Pariksha Pe Charcha”

For the dialogue related to the examination with the students, a program “Pariksha Pe Charcha” was organized at Talkatora Stadium in Delhi on April 1. In the program, PM Modi interacted with the students, parents and teachers on the examination. During this, while answering the questions of the students, the PM said that why do you have this fear in your mind about the examination. Are you going to take the exam for the first time? There is no one among you who is going to take the exam for the first time. You all have given many exams. You have reached the end of the exam. You must decide one thing that examination is a natural part of life. These are small phases of life that we have to go through and we have already gone through.

Now bye-bye to Exam Fear

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