Counting of votes in MLC elections today, training of personnel

 Counting of votes in MLC elections today, training of personnel

Counting will start at eight o'clock in the morning, there will be 12 tables

Ayodhya : According to the schedule fixed by the Election Commission for the Faizabad Local Authority Constituency, the counting of votes will take place on Tuesday, April 12, in the collectorate auditorium verandah from 8 am in the presence and supervision of the election observers. The District Election Officer took stock of the preparations after the personnel were trained for counting of votes on Monday. 12 tables are being set up to count the 3978 votes in 21 ballot boxes. Officers have been appointed to complete the process.

Former BJP MP Dr. Hariom Pondey, SP's outgoing MLC Hiralal Yadav and independent Narendra Dev Tiwari are in the fray in the local authority constituency elections and out of a total of 4042 voters at 21 polling stations in Ayodhya and Ambedkar Nagar in the polling that concluded on April 9. 3978 delegates took part in the voting. After voting, the ballot boxes have been kept under the supervision of CCTV cameras, magistrates and security forces in the strong room located in the room of ADM Finance and Revenue. On Monday, micro observers, counting supervisors, counting assistants and other counting personnel were trained for the counting of votes conducted under the supervision of Secretary Basic Education, Smt. Anamika Singh, appointed by the commission on Tuesday. It was told that the vehicles of the counting personnel would be parked in front of the District Election Office and the personnel would reach the counting place at 6.30 am by entering the secret chamber door of the District Magistrate and the counting agent from the southern gate towards the Treasury. Here the table will be allotted to the personnel. No one will be allowed to enter mobiles, inflammable substances and water bottles etc. For the successful completion of the counting of votes, the District Election Officer has checked the preparations after taking stock of the counting place located in Calcutta. At the same time, instructions have been given to complete the entire counting process in a transparent manner by following the guidelines issued by the Election Commission regarding counting of votes.

Assistant Returning Officer / Additional District Magistrate Administration Amit Singh told that District Election Officer Nitish Kumar has taken the responsibility of getting the ballot boxes out of the double lock and after the counting is over, shielding the legal ballot papers and keeping them in the double lock of the safe treasury, Settlement Officer Consolidation Rajesh Kumar Pandey, The responsibility of maintaining peace outside the counting pandal has been entrusted to Municipal Magistrate Satendra Singh and inside the counting pandal to the Deputy Collector Milkipur Digvijay Pratap Singh. In the training, the personnel have been given detailed information one by one about the guidelines of the commission and the duties and duties during the counting of votes. In which PD (DRDA), all micro observers, counting supervisors, counting assistants and other counting personnel were present. On the other hand, Deputy Director Information Dr. Murlidhar Singh has told that as before, information will be made available to the media personnel every hour through WhatsApp group and email.

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