BHU : Contribution of science and technology in establishing Ayurveda on the international stage


Contribution of science and technology in establishing Ayurveda on the international stage

Ayurveda doctors / teachers from all over the state participated in the seminar and threw light on the topic "Contribution of science and technology in establishing Ayurveda on the international stage", organized by Kriya Body Department, Faculty of Ayurveda, Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University. Medical officers working in the state of Uttar Pradesh were trained in the seminar and about 300 scholars participated and experts expressed their views.

In this seminar, Hon'ble Dr. Daya Shankar Mishra Dayalu ji, Minister of State (Independent Charge), AYUSH Food Safety, Drug and Drug Administration, Government of Uttar Pradesh said that necessary reforms are being done by the government to take Ayurveda to the masses. And Ayurveda is capable of curing medicinal diseases which is not in other medical system. The usefulness and quality of Giloy has been publicized to the people during the Corona period, for which research is needed.

Discussion on making "AYUSH Visa" in India

Talking about the vision of the daughter of the President of Kenya to cure eye diseases, along with the discussion of making “AYUSH Visa” in India, as well as through Virtual Research Lab, Government of Uttar Pradesh, Govt. H. U. Along with this, through the Ministry of AYUSH, assured to provide funds to BHU.

Assured to develop the registration system of BNYS. It was also told by you that in the past they were registered in the Dravyaguna Department for research, they have an old relationship with Ayurveda and will cooperate at every level to increase the AYUSH system. We are always trying to establish that all over the world.

Ayurveda can be established all over the world

Banaras Hindu University, Director of the Institute of Science, Professor A. Of. Tripathi ji told that Ayurveda can be established all over the world after scientific analysis of 3-4 medicines on the lines of science.

Dean Research IMS Prof. A.K. While welcoming all the guests, Chaudhary assured that the Institute of Medical Sciences, BHU will cooperate with the Faculty of Ayurveda and Uttar Pradesh from every level.

Through this program, the Director Ayurveda Services in Uttar Pradesh stressed on the smooth running of the AYUSH wellness centers running across the state and the fruit of "AYUSH visa" for medical treatment abroad in India by Modi ji and Vaidya. Appreciated Sushil Kumar Dubey for his works.

Established Ayurveda on the international stage

Asked for help by the state government to establish Ayurveda on the international stage.

On the instructions of 59 regional Ayurvedic and Unani officers, 59 medical officers and 16 teachers of Ayurveda colleges will participate.

The officers will be made aware about the medical and other information given by them to the patients in relation to the integration of the information to prepare a data bank from the point of view of research.

The formula for creating a data bank in the future will be

Through this seminar, the formula for the creation of a data bank will be formed in the future, through which information can be collected about which people have been cured of diseases and which medicines have been used in Ayurveda medicine across the state.

Requested Hon'ble Minister for registration of BNYS and for starting the course of BNYS again

In this seminar, 6 scientific sessions will be organized, in which Vaidya Sushil Kumar Dubey threw light on pulse examination by distinguished speakers from Banaras Hindu University and outside, and in the program, while explaining the diet sequence of Ayurveda system, Hon. Requested the Minister to provide funds from the Ministry of AYUSH to the Faculty of Ayurveda and to increase the MD seats for Ayurveda students and Prof. Yamini Bhushan Tripathi ji requested the Honorable Minister for the registration of BNYS and for starting the course of BNYS again.

Dr. Vandana Verma - Prakriti Prakriti (Assessment of Nature), Dr. Binayak Kumar Dubey - Anthropometric Measurements, Dr. Urmila Srivastava - Utility of Questionnaire as a Method of Data Collection in Research, Professor S. N. Dwivedi - Study Design in Ayurvedic Research, Professor Hari Shankar - Survey Study on Non-Communicable Diseases etc. will be given.

About 300 scholars of Ayurveda from across the state are expected to attend this seminar.

Dr. Basu informed about eye drops made from Ayurveda medicine for eye diseases, which is possible to treat cataract without operation.

.Initiation of research on medicine in the department of Dravyaguna Faculty of Ayurveda

Pro. Kamal Nayan Dwivedi (Head of Faculty) initiated research on medicine in the Dravyaguna Department of the Faculty of Ayurveda and assured that the Banaras Hindu University would always be present for research by the Uttar Pradesh government and if the Uttar Pradesh government and BHU would work together, they would The day is not far when we will get a chance to lead the world.

Emphasis on research in Ayurveda life journey

Pro. Yamini Bhushan Tripathi ji has given his ageEmphasis was placed on research in Veda Jeevan Yatra and the research done on Guggulu was meaningful in heart diseases. Sangeeta Gehlot, Dr. Aparna Singh, Dr. Namrata Joshi, Dr. Anamika Yadav, Sudha Yadav etc. were present.

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