Bhabha Hostel ( Science Institute , Kashi Hindu world school ) Guest Lecture

 Bhabha Hostel ( Science Institute , Kashi Hindu world school )  Guest Lecture 

BHU : " Physiotherapy " Of mode Life Went So You Own And home - family To bones And Muscles Of small fat _ Issues ease from far Tax Can Huh. if Pain low is that Its for Doctor And Medicine Of for Worried No Happen Will happen. , This things Varanasi Of Kashi Hindu university Located Bhabha Hostel Of 150 students To physiotherapy Of Tips giving happened somewhere Went. Lecture Of With hee gin - gin students To Such Issues came them Dr.  Pandey By treatment as well gave Went.

IMS - BHU in physiotherapy Of specialist And orthopedics Department Of Dr. _ SS Pandey has students To Told That Heat Of season is This time swimming , jogging And stretching Do it. They Told That mostly students Of routine Extraordinary would have is By which Many Kind Of physical problem come Is. in this joints Of pain , cervical Spondylitis , Ankylosing , Back And waist in Pain , Parkinson's , Paralysis , Stroke , Multiple sclerosis And cerebral Palsy Etcetera Involved Huh. They students To Many Kind Of Exercise as well tell me By which These problems To finished Did Go Can Is. There itself a routine nor pervert Of advice Gave.

Problem Of Diagnosis as Well Told

students Of Postural abnormality To far to do Of Tips giving happened Dr.  Pandey has students from said That physiotherapy Modern medical method Is. in this Body Of bones And Muscles Of Many Kind from testing by doing it see Huh That muscles And joint normal Huh That No. Its Later that problem Of diagnosis Do Huh. There itself Its Practice as well Doing teach Huh. if patients To Pain More Happen is So electrical nerve Stimulation , Functional testing Etcetera techniques Of experiment Tax Can Huh. This Health workshop Of Arrangement Hostel Of Administrator warden Of Prof. Love Light solanki By Did Went. There itself This During Hostel custodian Dr. Ashish Reader , Dr.  Bhupendra Kumar , Dr. Jitendra Lion Etcetera Present are.

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