Ayushman Bharat: How much work has been done in the last four years, CEO RS Sharma is telling

CEO RS Sharma

Ayushman Bharat: How much work has been done in the last four years, CEO RS Sharma is telling

A healthy body is the basis of a happy life, this proverb shows the importance of health in the society that if there is a loss of money in life, it can still come, but if the health deteriorates then everything goes. Only a healthy person can enjoy life and perform social and family responsibilities efficiently and build a healthy society. For this purpose, Prime Minister Narendra Modi started Ayushman Bharat Yojana - Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY) for the economically weaker people.

In the last four years, about 17 crore people have been connected under this scheme. In the last one year, 5 crore people have been given Ayushman cards. To give impetus to this scheme, now the National Health Authority is starting door-to-door giving Ayushman Gold Card to the beneficiaries. In the last four years, on all the points including the journey of this scheme, he had a special talk with the Chief Executive Officer of the National Health Authority, Dr. RS Sharma, where he gave many important information-

Question- How much work has been done in the last four years under Ayushman Bharat- PMJAY?

Answer- Ayushman Bharat- PMJAY is one of the important schemes of the Central Government. In the last one year, we have made health cards to 5 crore people. People from all corners of the country have taken advantage of this scheme. Financially weak people are also taking the facility of cashless treatment by going to private hospitals. Since the target has been set to benefit 50 crore people in five years, plans have been made to accelerate it. In the coming one year, about 47 crore people will be given Ayushman cards.

Question- How many people have been given Ayushman card so far, what steps is the National Health Authority taking to speed it up in future?

Answer- Ayushman Bharat- So far 17 crore people have been given Ayushman cards under PMJAY. Under this scheme, a target has been set to provide Ayushman cards to 30 crore people in the next one year. This card is free of cost but the printing cost is Rs.20. Till now lakhs of people have benefited from such a big health insurance scheme of the country. Poor people are also getting treatment for many serious diseases related to cancer, heart disease in private hospitals. Under this scheme more than 1600 diseases are being treated free of cost.

Question- How many diseases are there for treatment under this scheme?

Ans- The rates of treatment have been fixed so that the hospitals cannot recover arbitrarily and to keep the cost under control. These package rates have already been fixed by the government. All types of treatment (medicine, examination, transport, pre-treatment, post-treatment expenses) will be included in the rate of Ayushman Bharat scheme. Under this, the treatment of 1670 diseases is included.

Question – How many hospitals have been included, out of which how many are private?

Answer- Under Ayushman Bharat, more than 25,800 government and private hospitals have been connected across the country. Of these, over 10,700 are private hospitals and over 15,100 are government hospitals.

Question- What are some steps being taken to speed up Ayushman Bharat- PMJAY?

Answer- National Health Authority is going to start Ayushman Yojana at your doorstep. Under this, the campaign is being launched in the entire country including Assam, Bihar, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. With the help of one lakh Ayushman friends made across the country, the target of Aapka Dwar Ayushman Yojana is being fulfilled at a fast pace. Health cards are being given to all the people from the economically weaker sections at their homes. For this, all 33 states and union territories have been asked to start card printing work. Ayushman Mitra is being used to identify the beneficiaries and deliver the cards to them at their homes. Not only this, Ayushman Mitra is also helping the beneficiaries whose names are not in the list. Apart from this, changes have been made in the i-platform designed for this work so that the work of making cards can be done faster. Instructions have been issued to all the states that they should start the work of making cards in their states expeditiously.

Question- Are there any difficulties in the implementation of Ayushman Bharat scheme?

Answer- There are challenges in taking any plan on the ground and its implementation. The biggest challenge is to reach the card to 30 crore people across the country this year. For this, the digital medium is being used on a large scale. Ayushman Mitras have been made in rural areas and towns as well as in urban areas, who are acting as bridges between the administration to solve the problems being faced by the people. Training is being given to administrative people to prepare the card so that the target can be completed on time.

Question- Delhi, Odisha and West Bengal have not implemented Ayushman Bharat scheme, what about this?

Answer- Ayushman Bharat- PMJAY scheme is an ambitious scheme of the Central Government. The central government pays 60 percent of the expenditure on this scheme and the states share 40 percent. 33 states and union territories Shows have implemented it but Delhi, Odisha and West Bengal have not implemented it yet. People in those states should also get the benefit of this scheme. The governments there should adopt the Ayushman Bharat scheme.

Question- In which states is the work of issuing cards under PMJAY happening fast?

Answer- Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh states are working fast. More than one crore Ayushman cards have been made in these states. Work is progressing at a slow pace in some states. They have been asked to expedite the work. Meetings have been held with all the states. Since a target of making and distributing 30 crore cards has been set this time, the states have been asked to expedite the work.

Health services changed the face of 7 lakh villages of India

Till 7-8 years ago, many villages of the country yearned for health facilities, but now the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has changed the face and face of these villages. Today, about seven lakh villages of the country are taking advantage of the health services of the country and not only the village but the whole of India is taking advantage of these services. The emphasis is being given on the matter of the village, especially because these health services proved to be life-giving for these villages at the time when the corona epidemic was at its peak.

7 lakh villages of India became ideal for the whole world

Today the trust of the world has increased in India's doctors and health system. This is the reason that today these 7 lakh villages have become role models for the whole world. Just think about the lack of treatment, where many people used to swallow death, today India's health care system has become the most reliable to dodge the same death. Today, various schemes of the government are proving to be a boon for India. Many countries of the world are today being influenced by these schemes and adopting them in their countries also. In such a situation, it would not be wrong to say that India has become a world guru today because of its health care system.

To improve health facilities in India, it is very important that the medical facilities available in the villages should be improved. Today, the primary healthcare network in the country is being strengthened through Health and Wellness Centers in the village and near the home. By the year 2021, about 80 thousand centers have been made operational in the country. These centers are equipped with facilities ranging from routine checkups and vaccinations to early detection of serious diseases and a wide range of tests. The effort is to increase awareness through these centers and detect serious diseases in time.

In this era of Corona global pandemic by the Ministry of Health, the construction of medical infrastructure is being given continuous impetus. Infrastructure of critical care blocks is being prepared in district hospitals of the country, special facilities are being created in district and block hospitals for the treatment of children. Oxygen plants are also being set up in district level hospitals.

If we talk about the last few years, then the initiatives and achievements of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare are innumerable, which if we sit to count, then perhaps even forget to count. Let us now know about them in detail…

Help from digital solutions

India's digital solutions have helped every Indian citizen a lot in the fight against Corona and have given them a new strength, which is really commendable. For example, in preventing the spread of corona infection from the Arogya Setu App, the Arogya Setu App has helped a lot in bringing awareness, awareness, recognizing the whole situation, knowing the surroundings, etc. In the same way, under the Vaccine for Everyone, Free Vaccine campaign, India has applied more than 185.04 crore vaccine doses today. Its record has also become available, even people have got certificates. From the city to the inaccessible villages of India, it benefited a lot. The 'Co-WIN' portal has a huge contribution in this. The big countries of the world do not have such a big digital platform from registration to certification. Therefore, when the world heard about this app behind India's success, many countries immediately agreed to adopt it and started requesting India's help.

A milestone in the e-health journey

Another achievement has been added to India's 'e-health' journey in the month of March. In fact, the 'e-Sanjeevani Telemedicine' service of the Union Health Ministry has crossed the number of 30 million tele-consultations. With this “e-Sanjeevani” telemedicine has also set a new record of completing 1.7 lakh consultations in a day. There has also been an unprecedented expansion of telemedicine during the Corona period. So far about 3 crore remote consultations have been completed through e-Sanjeevani. This facility is connecting thousands of countrymen living in far-flung parts of the country every day with the big doctors of big hospitals of cities while sitting at home. The service of eminent doctors has become easier. This service has helped patients to get consultation from doctors through digital medium ie remotely, while reducing the burden on hospitals. This has helped in bridging the gap between village and city by delivering quality health services at the doorsteps of the beneficiaries.

Village-village people of India will get better treatment from Digital Mental Health Center

Most patients suffering from mental illness are still unable to get treatment. Its The main reason is the lack of psychiatrists and medical facilities. Corona has shown a new way to treat mental illnesses through digital mental health care. In the changed environment due to Corona, new technologies being used in the treatment of mental diseases will be used in villages and small towns by developing digital mental health centers at low cost. For this, technology has been given a prominent place in the health budget this time.

That is, now cheaper and better treatment of mental diseases can be made available in the village too. Imagine when doctors would be able to treat patients online just by sitting in big cities. Due to Corona, the use of digital technology has received a lot of encouragement in the last one and a half years. Due to this, online medicines were also being written for treatment.

Mobile dispensary van found for treatment in village-village

Mobile dispensary vans were provided by the Ministry of Health for treatment in village-village during the time of Corona. This also gave a lot of benefit to the rural areas of the country. This mobile dispensary van proved to be a milestone for the people of the poor community. Through these free treatment was provided to the villagers.

Ayushman Bharat took away the concern of the life of the poor

With the efforts of the Ministry of Health, 'Ayushman Bharat - PM JAY' has removed the worries of the lives of the poor today. So far more than 3 crore countrymen have availed the facility of free treatment under this scheme and half of the beneficiaries are our mothers, our sisters and daughters. Everyone knows that due to the lack of cheap treatment, only the mothers and sisters of the country used to suffer the most. Worrying about the house, worrying about the expenses of the house, worrying about the other people of the house, our mothers and sisters always keep postponing the cost of treatment on themselves, when asked like this they say that no it will be fine now, no it So it is a matter of one day, no, if I take one such pudding, it will be fine because the mother has heart, she suffers but does not allow any financial burden on the family.

Under Ayushman Bharat, those who have taken the benefit of treatment so far, or who are undergoing treatment, there are lakhs of such companions, who before this scheme could not muster the courage to go to the hospital, kept delaying but were waiting for money. Due to shortage, he could not go to the hospital. The very feeling of this pain shakes us to the core. The Ayushman Bharat scheme of the Ministry of Health removed all these problems during and before the Corona period.

Health Ministry's plans are a big support

Due to the schemes of the Ministry of Health, treatment was provided in the country to the old mother who was able to undergo stone operation after suffering for years, the young man who was suffering from kidney disease, some had leg problems, some had spinal cord. In trouble Today Ayushman Bharat has become a big support for all such people.

Thousands of crores of rupees which the government has borne in the last 3-4 years have saved lakhs of families from being trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty. No one wants to be poor, everyone tries to get out of poverty by working hard, looking for opportunities. Sometimes it seems that yes, in a short time now you will come out of poverty and suddenly a disease comes in the family, then all the hard work gets mixed in the soil. Then he gets trapped in the cycle of poverty after five to ten years. Illness does not allow the entire family to come out of the vicious circle of poverty and hence whatever healthcare solutions the government is coming up with, including Ayushman Bharat, is a huge investment in the present and future of the country.

At present, the use of technology in hospitals is currently limited to only one hospital or to a single group. When a patient moves to a new hospital or a new city, he has to go through the same process again. In the absence of digital health records, he has to carry files from years to years. In the event of an emergency, even this is not possible. Due to this, a lot of time of both the patient and the doctor is also wasted, the problem is also more and the cost of treatment also increases a lot.

We often see that many people do not have their medical records at the time of going to the hospital. In such a situation, the medical consultation, investigation is done, it has to be started from absolutely zero, it has to be started afresh. Due to lack of record of medical history, time is also more and the cost also increases and sometimes the treatment becomes contradictory and our brothers and sisters living in the village and countryside suffer a lot because of this. Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission will play a big role in liberating all these citizens from such troubles.

digital health solutions

Ayushman Bharat - Digital Mission, is now working to connect the digital health solutions of hospitals across the country with each other. Under this, the countrymen will now be given a digital health ID. The health record of every citizen will also be digitally protected. Through Digital Health ID, the patient himself and the doctor can also check the old records if needed. Not only this, there will also be registration of colleagues like doctors, nurses, paramedics. The hospitals, clinics, labs, medicine shops in the country, all these will also be registered. That is, this digital mission will bring every stakeholder related to health together, on a single platform. That is, the biggest benefit of this mission will be the poor and middle class of the country.

AIIMS network is getting ready in the countryFor the development of health infrastructure and better treatment facilities in the country, a new health policy was formulated to reach every nook and corner of the country. Today a network of very large and modern health institutions like AIIMS is also being created in the country. Construction of one medical college for every 3 Lok Sabha constituencies is also in progress.

Unprecedented reforms in medical education too

With the efforts of the Ministry of Health, unprecedented reforms are being done in medical education to transform the health sector of India. Today more doctors and paramedical manpower are being prepared in the country than before in 7-8 years. Not only manpower, but also work on mission mode is going on in the country regarding modern technology related to health, research related to biotechnology, self-sufficiency in medicines and equipment. The way India has shown its capability in the development and manufacturing of Corona's vaccine, it fills us with pride. The country has done commendable work for raw material of health equipment and medicines.

Health services and goods made cheaper

Along with a better medical system, it is also necessary that the poor and middle class spend the least on medicines. Therefore, the Ministry of Health has kept many services and goods like essential medicines, surgery items, dialysis, cheap. Encouragement has been given to use the world's best generic drugs made in India for maximum use in treatment. Due to Jan Aushadhi Kendra, such middle class families are saving thousand, fifteen-hundred, two-two thousand rupees every month.

Today the world's trust on India's doctors and health system

Today, due to various efforts of the Ministry of Health, the trust of the world is increasing continuously in the doctors and health system of India. If India gets the infrastructure, then the number of people coming to India from the world for health is bound to increase. In this direction, work is being done rapidly in the country. Not only this, our vaccination program, Co-Win technology platform and pharma sector have further enhanced India's reputation in the health sector. When new systems of technology will be developed through Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission, then patients of any country of the world will be able to consult, get treatment, send their reports and get advice from doctors of India. Surely this will also have an impact on health tourism.

It will be easy for the patient to find a doctor anywhere in the country

It will be easy for the patient to find a doctor anywhere in the country who knows and understands his language and is experienced in the best treatment of his disease. This will increase the convenience of patients to contact specialist doctors present in any corner of the country. Not only doctors, but labs and drug stores will also be easily identified for better tests. With this modern platform, the entire ecosystem related to treatment and health care policy making is going to become more effective. Doctors and hospitals will be able to use this platform to provide their service to remote health service. With effective and reliable data, this will improve treatment and also save patients.

The campaign to make health services easy and accessible in the country, which has started across the country today, is a part of a continuous process going on for 6-7 years. Over the years, India has changed the thinking and approach of decades related to health in the country. Now work is going on in India on such a health model, which is holistic, inclusive. A model with an emphasis on disease prevention, i.e. preventive healthcare, makes treatment accessible, affordable and accessible to all.

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