Another leap in computer technology, supercomputer ultimate power (PETA scale)

 Another leap in computer technology, supercomputer ultimate power (PETA scale)

Computer or computer was invented to make our work easier for you. Perform large complex calculations correctly in the shortest possible time, store the equivalent of a large library of data in a small system such as memory, from small basic abacus to microcomputer mini computer mainframe computer and more complex tasks. Made it easier. 

In this sequence, now the supercomputer has come which has more storage capacity than before. In this, several microprocessors work together to quickly solve any complex problem.

Supercomputer can do one billion calculations in a second

According to the modern definition, those computers, which can work with the capacity of 500 mega-flops, are called supercomputers. Supercomputers can do a billion calculations in a second. Its speed is measured by mega flop.

historically used

Supercomputers have also been used for weather forecasting, complex calculations, and nuclear weapons. Nowadays it is being used to speed up very large amounts of calculations. Meaning that the supercomputer not only transmits accurate weather information to the general public i.e. people like us and you, but also strengthens our security system by being effective in nuclear weapon simulation. It also provides good opportunities in further research field. India's first supercomputer Param 1000 was made in 1998.

IIT Kharagpur: The Ultimate Power

The supercomputer Param Shakti, recently established at IIT Kharagpur, is built under the International Super Computing Mission which was launched by the Government of India in 2015.

 The International Supercomputing Mission is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and the Department of Science and Technology. Param Shakti Supercomputer facility is available for accelerating R&D activities in multiple areas of Computational and Data Science. 

It is making IIT Kharagpur and neighboring academic research and development institutions computing efficient on a large scale.

Supercomputer Param Shakti with 44 GPU and 17680 core CPU capacity The super-computing facility will boost research for developmental initiatives in the Indian academia and industries, so that they can achieve a unique position in the world. With 44 GPUs and 17680 core CPU capabilities, Petascale Ultimate Power will help researchers solve complex problems in the fields of science, technology and engineering. With the coming time, it can be used in more research works according to the need. Indirectly, supercomputers have contributed a lot to the public interest.

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