Will the file of genocide of Kashmiri Pandits be opened again, the President is requested to investigate the SIT


Ayodhya. The Kashmir Files continues to do well at the box office. This one film has given the Kashmiri Pandits the strength to raise their voice for justice again. Many other people of the society are also coming forward and talking about justice for these people. Now a petition has been filed for the President of the country. This petition has been filed by Advocate Vineet Jindal. He has said in his petition that the cases where Kashmiri Pandits were brutally murdered during 1989-90 should be re-investigated. Now before Vineet Jindal many other people have also raised this demand after watching the film. In his letter, the lawyer argued that if the cases related to the anti-Sikh riots that happened 33 years ago can be reopened and re-examined, then the cases of Kashmiri Pandits that happened 27 years ago can also be reopened. and can be re-tested. In his letter, Jindal said that the victims of the incidents were in a state of physical, emotional and mental trauma and were struggling for their livelihood for the past several years and were deprived of the opportunity to register their grievances. January 19, 1990 is considered to be the day when a decree was issued for the Pandits of Kashmir to leave their homes. The war between India and Pakistan over Kashmir has been going on since 1947. But the local situation in Kashmir was not so bad. There are many stories about the love of Kashmiri Muslims and Kashmiri Pandits. But after 1980, the atmosphere started changing. Russia had invaded Afghanistan. America was trying to get him out of there. So the people of Afghanistan started being made Mujahideen. These people wanted to kill the soldiers of Russia without caring about their lives. In this, first of all those people were involved who were already a problem for the people of Afghanistan. Cruel, goth people. pickpocket and criminal. All of them started training in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. So they started having contact with the people around them. Those people associated with them who were already a problem for Kashmir. Cruel, goth people. pickpocket and criminal. All these got inspiration from the ruler of Pakistan, General Zia. He was doing the same thing while staying at such a high position. Cruelty was his rule. Brutalism Justice. He was an advocate of religion. Crimes were being committed by the public.

Kashmiri Hindus remember 19 January 1990 as "the sad exit day". The month of January brings a hope for the new year all over the world, but for Kashmiri Pandits this month is full of sadness, pain and despair. January 19 has become a symbol of the tragedy that happened in 1990 in Kashmir. In the last 32 years, there have been several attempts to resettle Kashmiri Pandits back to the Valley, even intensifying after the BJP came to power. The positive effects of which are also visible but the result is still not satisfactory. In recent years also, terrorists have killed many Kashmiri Pandits and even BJP leaders in Jammu and Kashmir to instill fear among Kashmiri Pandits. The real culprit of the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits in the year 1990 is the political party which was in government at that time. Like the head of that party, Dhritarashtra kept watching the massacre. Neither attempt was made to stop the genocide, nor was any action taken against those responsible for it, even as Kashmiri Pandits realize that the valley is no longer the same, amid hopes of a return. However, on August 5, 2019, the Kashmiri Pandits were overjoyed when the Government of India abolished the special status of Jammu and Kashmir. But his return is still not confirmed. In such a situation, how can any Kashmiri Pandit forget that dreadful exodus. On the go, the video of Anupam Kher from last year is also in front of you when he is sharing the pain of Kashmiri Pandits in the hope that soon that time will change and Kashmiri Pandits are safe in their homes. 

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