Ukraine Crisis: What is going on in Putin's mind is desperate to know Western Country

 Delhi ;  These spy has been trying to land in Putin's mind for years so that their intentions can be understood in a better way. With the trapping of Russia's soldiers in the office, it needs to be done more. That's because these Jasusu are trying to find out how Russia will give a reaction in the pressure. To protect the Ukraine crisis from being more dangerous, Vladimir Putin's mind is very important. Such speculation has been put that Putin is sick. Although many analysts believe that they have actually been separated and are looking for any alternative idea. His separation looks clear from the pictures coming in front of his meetings. For example, when he met France's President Immanuel Macro, both of the two big-size table were on two remote edges. In the meeting with the first national security team of the war, Putin's position was the same. A intelligence officer of the West explains that Putin's initial military scheme was prepared by any officer of KGB. He says, keeping him confidential was prepared by the conspirators. However, his result was very chaotic. The Russian military commander was not ready for war and the soldiers went on the border without knowing what they are going to do. The only person knew more than many people about many people about the plans related to the spy Ukraine War of Western countries. But now there is a new challenge in front of those spies. They have to find out what Vladimir Putin is going to do next, and it is no easy task. John Sipher, who assumed Russia's work for the American Intelligent Unit CIA, "It is difficult to understand the next move of Kremlin because Putin is the only person who decides to Russia." Though Putin's thoughts are often obvious through public statements, but how they will apply it, it is a very difficult challenge to find out. The BBC, former head of the UK, former head of MI 6, said to the BBC, "It is very difficult to raise better information about what is going on in the brain of their leader in the very close system like Russia. Especially when their own Intelligence officials say that Vladimir Putin has been separated in his own bubble. They reached very few external information, especially those who challenge their thoughts. Try to understand the mind of Putin, the author of Psychology and the author of 'The Psychology of Speed and Spein' Adrian Fernham Western intelligence officials believe that the Vuladimir Putin talks to those who talk, their scope is never big. But when the matter of deciding to attack Ukraine came, the matter became limited to some handful of people. These officials believe that all the people who advise Putin are with their 'pucca confidant' and have obsessive people like them. How small the Putin has become small, it is known to be a national security meeting just before attacking Ukraine. They had to resort to the public forum to celebrate the head of their own foreign service. Later, their speech also came to know how many angry they are from Ukraine and Western countries. Those who have also seen Putin have said that they believe in taking a revenge for the alleged insult of Russia in the 90s, they believe that the Western country, Russia are firm to move down and remove them from power. A person from Vladi Mir Putin said that he had seen the video of his killing after being removed from power in 2011 in Libya's former Kerala Gaddafi. William Bern of the CIA In such a case, the question arises that what is the President of Russia? Many people are asking this question in the western countries. The CIA has a 'Lee Durbhip Analysis' team to understand the leaders of foreign affairs. This team was made to understand Hitler and is working since then. This team studies the background, their relationships and health of such leaders on the basis of intelligence information. Apart from this, the other sources of understanding these leaders are people or leaders, who have ever got face-to-face from these leaders. As in 2014, Chancellor Angella Merkel of Germany said to the US President Barack Obama that Vladimir Putin 'live in the second world. With his equivalent macras of Putin France. Have Putin have been separated? Recently, when France's President Macras met Putin, it was told that this time Russia's leaders were found 'more harsh and different' compared to the previous visits. So what's the truly changed? Although many people think without any concrete proof of their bad health or a drug effect. At the same time many people consider other psychological factors to be responsible for it. Such people believe that Putin may think that his time to fulfill his ambitions is now going to get out. It has been famous about Putin that he wise to safeguard Russia and restore his greatness again. At the same time, many people to avoid Corona also consider the psychological effect to keep themselves separate from others. America's official doctor and diplomat and at the moment, on the US-China relations, the senior Fello Ken Dyekalava says about this, "Putin is not mentally ill, neither he has changed. Although he is a hurry But there is a point of concern that Putin is probably still not reaching reliable information. His intelligence service is probably not giving information about the attack on Ukraine. That's because the intelligence officer probably does not want to notice Putin, which he does not want to hear. This week's West official said that Vladimir Putin is still not aware of how bad the situation has been to his soldiers and it is also the intelligence agencies of the West. This may worry about this, how can Russia react to the worsening situation? The flowers of Putin keep a story of chasing a rat in their childhood. According to the details, when he got up the rat, the rat gave his answer by attacking them and they were forced to run away. What are the questions asking the question of western countries, that Putin feels cheated then what would they do? An official of the West said, "The question really is that what will be the answer to Russia more cruel and can it be possible to choose other weapons?" Such concerns are also being expressed that Russia's chemical weapons, even a strategic atom.

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