Sugarcane price payment of Rs 16.45 crore made by Rauzagaon Sugar Mill

 Rudauli (Ayodhya) Balrampur Chini Mills Limited Unit, Raujagaon in the current crushing season 2021-22, the cane price of Rs 16.45 crore has been paid on 11.03.  The price has been transferred to the respective bank account of the farmers.
 Nishkam Gupta, unit head of sugar mill has requested the farmers that farmers whose bank account has been refunded due to non-availability of bank accounts, those farmers are requested to get their bank account through the committee as soon as possible.  Make sure to make available so that sugarcane price can be paid by the sugar mill. Also he told that the sugar mill will run for the entire March and all the sugarcane available for supply in the area will be crushed by the sugar mill to crush the sugarcane of all the farmers.  The sugar mill will be closed only after that. In the same sequence, the farmers of the area meet their respective mill staff and send them to the sugarcane seed nursery.  0118 Sugarcane Variety, Co.  15023 and Kolkh14201 after securing the seeds of sugarcane and ensure for sowing sugarcane in the spring, as well as the farmer brothers must sprinkle urea in the fields in which the tree is to be kept within a week of the harvesting of sugarcane, so that the growth of the tree is good.  Moving forward in this sequence, unit head Nishkam Gupta told the farmers about Balram App that by using Balram App, farmers can get maximum production by getting information about reducing the cost of cultivation, scientific method of farming.  He can be directly connected with the sugar mill through this app. On this occasion, Iqbal Singh, General Manager, Sugarcane, told that the ratoon management device has been given to the farmers by the sugar mill, which the farmer brother plants sugarcane.  After harvesting, use the stubbles for pruning and manure, this improves the growth of the tree and leaves more buds, which gives good yield of the tree. Farmer brothers must meet the mill staff of their area and get the tree management equipment running in the field.  hi great  Dhak (Sugarcane) informed that decompose press mud manure is being made available to the farmers at the rate of ₹ 5 per quintal. Simultaneously, the General Manager Sugarcane has appealed to the farmers to sow more sugarcane by trench method in the spring sowing.  Do it in more than one area and supply the mill clean, root, soil, agola, leaf and green jute only sugarcane and SMS of the slip  Harvest sugarcane only after arrival.

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