Seven day residential camp of NSS BHU inaugurated.


Varanasi :. National Service Scheme Banaras Hindu University Unit -002C Village Ramna Malhia Varanasi has been adopted by the Faculty of Arts , under which various development works are proposed to be done by the National Service Scheme. Under the guidance of Program Officer Dr. Kanupriya Rathod, a seven day residential camp is being organized . _ Officer Incharge Ramana Primary Health Center , Dr. Harshita , Dr. Siddhartha , IMS BHU , National Service Scheme's program coordinator, Dr. Bala Lakhendra cut the ribbon. The program was started by the volunteers of the National Service Scheme by singing the songs of Banaras Hindu University.

During this, Program Officer Dr. Kanupriya Rathod expressed gratitude to all the chief guests for taking out their precious time in the program wearing wreaths and robes. Village head Amit Singh Patel while expressing his gratitude to the guests said that  In the last few years, there has been an awakening among the rural people, due to which there has been a change in the health of the people along with the living conditions of the village people.  organizing camp  There is a lot of hope for the cooperation of the volunteers in the development of the village. During this, program coordinator Bala Lakhendra while expressing his gratitude to all the chief guests said that by organizing this camp, the volunteers would be aware of the problems of the village and would try to solve them. Hundreds of village residents were benefitted through free health check-up camps. During this time, hundreds of villagers got their health tested and got medicines after getting proper consultation. Appreciating this work, he assured full cooperation.

Program Officer Dr. Kanupriya Rathod told that during the camp, volunteers will survey the entire village and try their best to solve the problems after knowing them. During this, different programs will be organized every day. 

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