Program organized by Agricultural University on International Women's Day.

A two-day workshop was organized for skilling rural women in the school of Agriculture University.

  It is necessary to bring awareness to create equality between women and men, and to be made aware of the rights made for women in the law and society : Vice Chancellor Dr. Bijendra Singh 
Kumarganj(ayodhya) : According to the instructions of Dr. Bijendra Singh, Vice Chancellor of Acharya Narendra Dev Agricultural and Technological University, Kumarganj, Ayodhya and in accordance with the guidelines of the Government of Uttar Pradesh, today  International Women's Day was organized in the auditorium of the community college of the university.  International Women's Day is organized on different themes since 1996.  In this year 2021, International Women's Day was celebrated under the theme "Gender Equality Today for Sustainable Tomorrow" by organizing cultural programs with great enthusiasm and warmth with the students, rural women and teachers of the University.  Inaugurating the program by lighting the lamp, the Chief Guest of the program, Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Bijendra Singh said that the main objective behind celebrating International Women's Day on 8th March every year is to create equality between women and men.  Bringing awareness, many rights have also been made for women in our law and society, but most of the women are not aware of their rights.  Dr. Singh made 5 civil rights in India, which women lack knowledge, the first is the right to equal pay, the right against harassment in the office, the right to anonymity, the right to free legal aid, after sunset and after sunrise.  Giving detailed information about where women cannot be arrested first, etc., where women need to be made aware of, for this, women need to be made aware of where only making laws to protect women or get them their rights in society will not work.  The media in-charge of Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Singh informed that under the International Women's Day, a two-day workshop titled "Reducing Health Risks in Farmer Women by Risk Analysis in Labor Efficiency Laboratory" was organized on two days on 7th and 8th March.  In which 78 women participated.  Various qualities of handicraft were taught to women by the teachers of the training university, Dr. Suman Maurya, Dr. Poonam Singh, Dr. Vibha Parihar, Dr. Sarita Srivastava and special guest Mrs. Shivangi Singh.
 Hunar Haat was organized by Community Science College on this occasion, in which it was specially organized on 7th and 8th March 2022.  78 rural women participated in the workshop organized in this program.  In which they were given technical information about handicraft, cooking, sewing, and taking care of babies and making complementary food for them, so that women could increase their income by adopting these arts as a business and various cultural programs on women empowerment were also organized.  Hunar Haat was also organized by the college on this occasion in which a total of 30 women and adolescent girls from the university campus, ND, DAV Public School, Kumarganj and Srikriti Foundation, Ayodhya participated and displayed their skills.  He presented handicraft items made by himself as well as delicious food items like sweets salads, spicy chaat dhokla etc. and also made the guests taste them.  Along with this, Rangoli competition was organized by the college on 7th March in which 32 students of different colleges of the university participated and two girls of the university campus also participated.
 Dean of Community Science College, Dr. Namita Joshi expressed her views on bringing equality and respect for women's rights.  The program was mainly attended by the first lady of the school, Mrs. Meena Singh, all the directors of the university, all the dean, senior officers and the women of the campus, girl students etc.  

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