PM Modi dedicated the National Defense University building to the nation, said- 'The defense sector in the 21st century is not limited to uniforms and poles

Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday dedicated to the nation the newly constructed building of the National Defense University (RRU) near Gandhinagar in Gujarat. PM Modi also addressed his program during this time. Addressing the first convocation of the National Defense University, PM Modi said that the field of defense is no longer limited to uniforms and sticks. The 21st century has new challenges and we have to prepare ourselves according to its requirement.

'The field of defense is not just uniform and stick'

PM Modi said, it is a special pleasure for me to come to the National Defense University. This university is for those who want to make their career in the field of defense across the country. The field of defense is not just uniform and danda, it is a very wide field, in which well-trained manpower is the need of the hour.

'Our systems should also be developed according to the challenges'

PM Modi said, therefore, our systems should be developed according to the challenges of the 21st century in the field of defense and the personality who handles those systems should also develop. Now with a vision in that context, the National Defense University was born. Initially it was known as Defense University in Gujarat. Later, the Government of India recognized it as an important university for the entire country and today it is a tribute to the country, a jewel of the country. The contemplation and education training which will be done here for the protection of the nation will create a new confidence within the country in the coming period for the protection of the nation.

'Dandi Yatra started from this earth for Salt Satyagraha'

PM Modi said, "Today, I extend my best wishes to the students and their family members who are leaving from here." PM Modi further said, today is another holy occasion, on this day Dandi Yatra started from this earth for Salt Satyagraha. The movement under the leadership of Gandhiji against the injustice of the British had made the British government realize the collective power of us Indians. PM Modi said that I remember the virtue of all the Satyagrahis who participated in the Dandi Yatra.

'The concept for the army is that if the people of the army come, there is no problem'

PM Modi said, "Unfortunately, after independence, we were left behind in the work that should have been done for law and order in our country." Even today, the concept that has been created in the context of police is to stay away from them. At the same time, there is a concept for the army that if the people of the army come, then there is no problem. Today in India it is necessary to bring such man power in the field of security, which can feel the sense of friendship, trust in the mind of common human beings.

'Training for stress free activities is essential for the security sector today'

Considering that the people-people are paramount within the democratic system, we have to develop such a system with strict policy with the traitors in the society and soft policy with the society, taking this basic mantra. Stress free activity training has become essential in the security sector today. Trainers are needed for this. In such a situation, the National Defense University can also prepare such trainers.

'Gandhinagar today is a very vibrant area from the point of view of education'

PM Modi said, technology is a big challenge. If we do not have expertise, we are not able to do what we should on time. The way cyber security issues come to the fore, just as technology is increasing in crime, in the same way technology is also helping a lot in reducing crime. Today Gandhinagar is becoming a very vibrant area from the point of view of education. There are many universities and two universities in the same area, which is the first university in the whole world.

'Forensic science university nowhere in the whole world'

He further said, there is no forensic science university anywhere in the whole world. There is no children's university anywhere in the whole world. Gandhinagar and Hindustan are the only ones that have two universities. Through Defense University, we want to prepare people in such a way, who can handle things with less resources.

'Dedicated work force will have to be prepared at every level to protect the country'

PM Modi said, we have to prepare dedicated work force at every level to protect the country. If you wear a uniform, don't make the mistake of thinking that the world is in your hands. The respect of the uniform grows when there is humanity in it. The respect of the uniform grows when there is a sense of compassion in it. The power of the uniform increases when there is an aspiration to pass on the help of mothers, sisters, victims and underprivileged. Today we have a large number of daughters in the defense sector, our daughters are moving forward in large numbers in the army. Today a large number of daughters are coming to SCC also. Now our government has decided to admit daughters in Sainik Schools also.

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