Mission Karmayogi: Indian Railways is upgrading its frontline workers

Delhi : If you want to see how dreams can come true, then today Indian Railways is becoming a perfect example of this.  Till 6-7 years ago, whoever had his side with the Indian Railways, he was more seen cursing the Indian Railways.  But how is India changing today?  In fact, when the country works sincerely for the fulfillment of its resolutions, then improvement comes, change happens, this we have been seeing continuously for the last many years.  A similar change is being seen in the Indian Railways.

 The hard work of Indian Railways finally paid off

 The hard work of the Central Government and Indian Railways is finally starting to pay off.  Yes, Indian Railways has made many big changes till now.  'Mission Karmayogi' is also one of them.  Under this mission, Indian Railways is currently working to upgrade its frontline workers.

 Indian Railways has become an important part of people's lives

 This will make it even more convenient to travel by Indian Railways, which has become an important part of people's lives.  Under this effective initiative of the Center to make rail travel friendly to the convenience of the passengers, about one lakh employees of the frontline staff of the Railways are being trained.  For the first time after so many decades of independence, this potential of Indian Railways is being explored on such a large scale.

 Railways showing readiness in planning new projects today

 Indian Railways today is showing promptness in planning new projects and more importantly, completing them on time.  Indian Railways has not only become a medium to connect distances, but it has also become an important medium to connect the country's culture, country's tourism and pilgrimage.  Therefore, it has also been considered necessary to upgrade the frontline workers of Indian Railways for the convenience of lakhs of passengers who visit here every year.

 These railway employees will be upgraded

 Indian Railways is upgrading and training its frontline staff through citizen centric training programme.  A Joint Secretary level committee has also been constituted for this.  Through training, Railways is ensuring its accountability towards the hardships faced by the common citizens and making it more passenger friendly.  The training of frontline staff will involve 1 lakh railway employees including traveling ticket examiners, station masters, booking clerks, parcel clerks and goods clerks.  Training of these employees will be done by one thousand master trainees.

 Project will be monitored

 Not only this, Rail Karmayogi website has also been established for monitoring this project.  Mission Karmayogi will enhance the satisfaction of about 22 million passengers traveling by rail by strengthening their faith in the Railways.  Earlier, even if the railway was used for tourism, it was confined to a premium club.  But now due to these efforts of the Central Government, for the first time, the common people are being given the divine experience of tourism and pilgrimage at a reasonable amount.  All such innovative efforts are being made by the Indian Railways, which is increasing the interest of people to travel by railways.

 What is Mission Karmayogi?

 The National Program for Civil Services Capacity Building is envisaged by the Central Government to meet the changing needs and aspirations of the citizens.  The mission has been designed with a view to improve and further enhance the civil services under a national program run by an apex body headed by PM Modi.

 The mission will focus on providing the relevant government workforce with the critical competencies to discharge their roles as required by a competency driven capacity building approach.  It is designed to be an enabling framework for civil services which is completely indigenous.

 What is iGOT Karmayogi Platform?

 Digital learning material will be made available through the iGOT Karmayogi platform.  Capacity building of employees through iGOT Karmayogi will be done through e-learning contact.  Along with this, many other facilities will also be provided to them.  Such as post-probation period confirmation, posting, assignment, notification of vacancies etc.

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