Janaushadhi Diwas: An undertaking to give quality medications at reasonable cost

 Delhi : The whole country on March 7 notices Jan Aushadhi Divas or Generic Medicine Day with an intend to make mindfulness about the utilization of conventional medications among individuals. Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Pariyojana is a respectable aspiration by Indian Department of Pharmaceuticals which is currently making an extraordinary effect on masses in its undertaking to convey quality medications at a reasonable cost. The day was first celebrated in the year 2019 making it the fourth-festival this year. Service of Chemicals and Fertilizers started off the Janaushadhi Diwas Week from first March to seventh March 2022.

What are Janaushadhi Kendras?

Under this plan committed outlets, for example, Janaushadhi Kendras are opened which conducts Health Checkup Camps the nation over. These camps incorporate Blood Pressure exam, Sugar level test, free specialist interview, free medication conveyance. This initiavte is done mailnly to illuminate and teach about the value advantages and nature of the drugs being sold at Jan Aushadhi kendras.

The Theme for 2022

The subject for this fourth Janaushadhi Diwas is "Jan Aushadhi-Jan Upyogi". The Government has set an objective to help the quantity of Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Kendras (PMBJKs) to 10,500 before the finish of March 2025.

Advantages of Scheme

Simple availability: Because of the PMBJP conspire the nonexclusive meds can be effectively benefited from in excess of 7,500 stores encasing every one of the locale of the country under the plan. Drop In Cost: Under this plan, the drugs are made accessible to the general population at an ostensible expense that is beneath the market cost. 

Reserve funds: Sales in the monetary year 2020-21 prompted all out reserve funds of roughly Rs 3,700 Crore for normal residents as the meds are a lot less expensive by 50% to 90 percent than the market costs.

Business: With long-lasting and stable acquiring through PMBJP there is a lift in independent work.

As on 31st January, 22 the quantity of stores has developed to 8,676 with each of the 739 regions of the country being covered. The plan ensures simple reach of reasonable medication to individuals in each alcove and corner of the country.

The Product Basket Of PMJP

The item crate of PMBJP includes not many medications and 200+ careful instruments. New medications and nutraceuticals items like malt-based food supplements, protein powder, resistance bar, protein bar, sanitizer, glucometer, veils, oximeter, and so on have been sent off. By and by, three IT-empowered distribution centers of PMBJP are utilitarian at Gurugram, Chennai and Guwahati and the fourth one is prepared to begin tasks at Surat. Additionally, 39 merchants have been designated the nation over to help the stockpile of medications to remote and country regions.

Jan Aushadhi Bal Mitra Program

To draw in Bal Mitra's with Jan Aushadhi PMBI has led a web-based test on Jan Aushadhi through MyGov stage with an award of Rs. 200/ - coupon each to 100 Bal Mitras. PMBI has additionally coordinated arrival of sky lights and inflatables at 75 areas, the nation over to spread the message of the Jan Aushadhi.

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