Jan Aushadhi Kendra providing cheap medicines to more than 10 lakh patients daily

 Delhi : Jan Aushadhi Diwas is celebrated every year on 7th March across the country. This time also Jan Aushadhi Day was celebrated on Monday. Earlier, from March 1 to March 7, "Jan Aushadhi Week" was also celebrated in the country. During this many programs were organized in different parts of the country. In the year of "Azadi Ke Amrit Mahotsav" on the day "Jan Aushadhi Week" started, on that day many programs of public awareness about Jan Aushadhi were organized at 75 places of the country.

No person in the country will have the chance to die without medicine

Remember PM Modi once said, no person in the country should face the danger of dying without medicine. In this episode, today Janaushadhi has become a medicine of the people, rather it is becoming more and more useful for the people.

When did Jan Aushadhi Project started?

It is to be known that the Jan Aushadhi Project was launched in the year 2016 by the Central Government under the leadership of PM Modi. Since then till today this caravan is continuously moving forward. Today, under the Jan Aushadhi Project, many Jan Aushadhi Kendras have been opened in different areas of the country, which provide cheap medicines to the poor and downtrodden. Indeed, this scheme of the central government is proving to be a boon for the needy people today.

More than 8 thousand 600 Jan Aushadhi Kendras in the country

In line with PM Modi's vision of making medicines affordable and accessible to citizens, there are now more than 8 thousand 600 Jan Aushadhi stores across the country, covering almost every district. In the last one year, 1,132 new centers have been started within the country. 1,451 medicines are available at these centres, while more than 240 surgical items are available and generic medicines available at these centers are 50 to 90% cheaper than the branded medicines.

More than 10 lakh patients take medicines from Jan Aushadhi Kendras

Not only this, the quality of these medicines is also world class. In today's time in India, more than 10 lakh patients come every day to get medicines from Jan Aushadhi Kendras. The cheap and quality medicines available at Jan Aushadhi Kendra have saved a lot of money of the people of the country. When the expenditure on medicines of a common family of the country is less, then with the same money many families are able to get better education for their children. Indeed, this scheme has emerged in front of the society as a life saving scheme for the poor, deprived and marginalized people of the country.

Health fairs and camps at 750 places

During the 'Jan Aushadhi Saptah', health fairs and camps were organized at 750 places across the country through which the government has reached its doorstep to help the needy people. Inn Health Fair and CampPeople came and got their checkup done as well as took medicines.

Jan Aushadhi Bal Mitra

Children are being told about Jan Aushadhi by going to school through Jan Aushadhi Bal Mitras so that they adopt them. Apart from this, the central government is also taking out Jan Aushadhi Sankalp Yatra for public awareness.

More than 1.5 lakh new Janaushadhi friends became

The number of Jan Aushadhi Mitras has increased in the country. More than one and a half lakh new Janaushadhi friends were made. All this action planning and all the work has been done within a week. In total, more than one thousand 200 small and big works have been done in one week of Jan Aushadhi Week.

Special care given to women under "Jan Aushadhi Yojana"

Special care has been taken of women under “Jan Aushadhi Yojana”. Arrangements for additional financial assistance for women center operators are being given to women opening Jan Aushadhi Kendras. Along with this, many important products useful for women and their use are also available from Jan Aushadhi Kendra.

Convenience Sanitary Pads in just Re 1

Under this scheme, convenience sanitary pads are being made available to women for just Re 1. Cervical cancer is being found more in India, in this situation, women are able to use sanitary pads easily due to the convenience of sanitary pads, the cost of just 1 rupee. In 2015-2016, only 58 percent of women in the country used sanitary pads but today 78 percent of women are able to use hygienic pads through Suvidha Sanitary Pads.

Open Jan Aushadhi Kendra by filling a single page form

PMBJP Kendra can be started by doing single page form. If the local body government, NGO, pharmacy student wants to open Jan Aushadhi Kendra, then only by filling a form and taking the license required to open medical, private players can also open Jan Aushadhi Kendra. Today many such youth have got employment with the help of Jan Aushadhi Kendras.

how to apply for medicine center

To open a Jan Aushadhi Kendra, it is necessary to have a license to sell retail medicine in the name of Jan Aushadhi Kendra. Before applying, one must have a PAN card, Aadhar, whereas NGOs, hospitals, charitable trusts require registration certificate along with PAN and Aadhar card to open PMBJP Kendra.The application form can be downloaded from https://janaushadhi.gov.in/ and send it to the General Manager (A&F), Bureau of Pharma Public Sector Undertaking of India (BPPI). The address of the concerned office can be obtained from the website. Online application can also be submitted by filling all the details along with all the required documents.


The income of the person running Jan Aushadhi Kendra depends on the sale of medicines per month. If one is able to sell a medicine worth Rs 1 lakh, he will earn Rs 20,000 as a commission of 20% has been fixed on the sale. Initially, in addition to the commission, there is also an incentive of 15% on one's monthly sales if deposited directly into the bank account.

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