Indian Railways created history by testing 'Kavach'

 Delhi : Indian Railways has taken another big step for the safe travel of passengers. This time the Railways tested the indigenous automatic train protection system 'Kavach'. Kavach is an indigenous automated train protection system to promote safety in train operation. Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav was also present during the 'Kavach' test on Friday. Let us now know in detail how the 'Kavach' system works…

Actually, the 'Kavach' system is a modern electronic system with complete security level-4 standards. The armor is meant to provide protection to trains to cross danger ie red signals and prevent collisions. It automatically activates the train braking system if the driver fails to control the train as per the speed limit. In addition, it prevents collision between two engines in which the armor system is working.

How does the armor system work?

Let us tell you that 'Kavach' system was tested between Gullaguda-Chitgidda railway stations of South Central Railway. During this two trains were run face to face. In which Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav was present in one train, while in the other train the Chairman of the Railway Board and other officials were present. When the two engines came face to face during the test, the 'Kavach' system braking system stopped the engines at a distance of 380 meters before the collision. Also the test of crossing the red signal was done.

indigenously developed

'Kavach' system is an indigenously developed ATP system by Research Design and Standards Organization (DRDSO) in collaboration with Indian Industry and tested by South Central Railway to achieve the combined objective of safety in train operations in Indian Railways. has gone.

Towards the goal of 'Zero Accident'

The 'Kavach' system of Indian Railways is one of the most affordable, Totally Protection Level 4 (SIL-4) certified technologies with a probability of error in 10,000 years. Also, it opens avenues for export of indigenous technology for the Railways. Through this system, now Indian Railways is moving towards the goal of 'Zero Accident'.

Security and capacity will increase under self-reliant India

Now 2,000 km of network will be covered in 2022-23 to enhance security and capacity under 'Atmanirbhar Bharat'. Around 34,000 km of network will be brought under cover.

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