Dr. Nandji opinion Indian High Study Institute Shimla In fellowship For Selected

BHU : Kashi Hindu university Of Dr. Nandji opinion Indian High Study Institute, President Bhawan, Shimla Of fellowship For Nominated happened Huh , Dr 0 Nandji Rai , Central Hindu Vyaz School ,  He has retired in 2019 after being a spokesman for the subject of history in Banaras Hindu University for thirty years . You Ancient Indian transportation And itinerary Subject Feather research Work do , From this East High teaching Institute Shimla for2 terms(6 years) in For Associate Of form In Own Services Give have passed Huh .You research And academic Work For About One dozen From More countries Of Travel Of Is in which South Africa, Mauritius, Madagascar, China, Malaysia e.t.c Chief Huh. Yours National And International Level Of many Research Paper And Books published Is , Dr. Nandji Rai2 years as on1st April2022 Of For Indian High Study Institute Shimla In Fellow Of form In Assignments Assumption do ,


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