Dharadham International honored nine gems including Prof. Dr. Piyan Singh, Upendra Pandey, Dr. Vinay, Deepti, Minnat, Gautam

respect increases Responsibility - Dr.  Saurabh Pandey

 Such programs will continue to happen - Dr.  Ehsan Ahmed

 Gorakhpur : Dharayam International Parivar has selected nine outstanding personalities from different fields dedicated to social responsibility and awarded Professor Dr.P.  N.  Upendra Pandey, former Deputy Editor of Dainik Jagran for journalism, Dr. Vinay Srivastava (Dharadham Health Shri Samman) for health, Deepti Srivastava for education (Dharadham Education Shri Samman) Haji for social harmony.  Jalaluddin Qadri, Prashant Pandey for social harmony, Mohd for free education.  Aaqib Ansari, Gautam Pandey for service, National poet E. Minnat was honored with Dharadham Dharadham Seva Shri Samman for the successful operation of the forums.
 On this occasion, Souharda Shiromani Dr. Saurabh Pandey, Dharadham Pramukh, while appreciating the work done by the respected great personalities towards the society, while addressing the gathering said that personality gets enhanced after getting respect and this is the responsibility of respected personalities.  Extends more.  Dr. Ehsan Ahmed, the convener of the award ceremony, the director Dharadham expressed his thanks to the people present and expressed the hope that such events would continue to be held in future under the leadership of the program organizer Dharadham chief Dr. Saurabh Pandey.  The successful national poet In.Minnat Gorakhpuri conducted the operation. On this occasion N Rahman, Gautam Pandey Smriti Srivastava, Jameel Ahmed Fahad Rehman, Mohd.  Salim, Kamran Ahmed, Guru Baba, Sameer Pandey, Abdul Wahab had a dignified presence.

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