Colors for Lathmar Holi being prepared with 10 quintals of Tesu flowers, learn how it is prepared

 Delhi : The colors of Phagun have started appearing in the dishes. If there is mention of Holi, then it is incomplete if there is no mention of the city of Lord Krishna. Holi preparations are in full swing in Mathura from Vrindavan to Barsana. For Lathmar Holi of Barsana, the service priests of Shreeji temple are preparing colors with 10 quintals of Tesu flowers. Which will be put on the Huriyars and devotees of Nandgaon from Shreeji Mandir Chhatri on March 11.

Color ready in 10 days

Actually the tradition of Lathmar Holi is very unique, in which everything happens according to tradition. Whether it is the matter of the Huriarins, both the Dwaparkal tradition of Huriaro has been cherished. During the Lathmar Holi, there is a rain of color and Abir Gulal in playing Holi, due to which the entire Barsana town from Rangili Gali becomes colorful. This time a special type of color is being prepared by the services of Barsana Ladli ji temple. For which Kuntlo flowers of Tesu are used. It takes 10 days to prepare it.

Colors are being prepared from 10 quintal Tesu flowers

Shri Ji Mandir Sevayat told that 10 quintals of Tesu flowers were brought from Delhi to make the color. These flowers are kept soaked in water. The juice of the flowers is filtered out and later this color is mixed with lime and filled in drums. This color made from Tesu flower is kept on the upper floors of Ladliji temple. This color is poured on the visiting devotees and the Huriyars of Nandgaon.

This is how the color of Barsana Lathmar Holi is made

 Tesu Eco Friendly Coloring First of all the Kuntalo flowers of Tesu are soaked with water in big drums with water. After that the juice of the flowers is extracted. The juice is mixed with the chuna and filled back into the drums. This is how Tesu eco friendly color is prepared then the world famous Lathmar Holi is played.

Why are the flowers of Tesu only in Lathmar Holi?

Shreeji temple servants told that the colors which are available in the market today are adulterated. Any Hurriyare Hurriyarin and devotees can have skin related problems. But the eco-friendly color made from Tesu flowers does not harm the skin in any way. Friends, its fragrance keeps freshness in the mind. Friends, the atmosphere of Holi also starts to smell. Shreeji Mandir Sevayat Saurav Goswami told that the colors of the market are not used in Lathmar Holi. The color that is poured on the devotees with huriyars is made from Tesu flowers.

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