Central government's effort, this time 'Vocal for Local' Holi will be special

 Delhi : There was a time when foreign products dominated the Indian market, but today a big change is being seen in it. Every countryman is now realizing that the power of "Made in India" is huge. That's why the Indian customer is buying every little thing that is "Made in India", which an Indian sweats to make. In this sequence, the country will have to go further. This campaign will be possible only with the efforts of all of us. Just as Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a mass movement, buying things made in India, buying things made by Indians is to bring "Vocal for Local" into practice. Due to this, the livelihood of many producers of our country runs and the money of the country is used for the progress and development of the Indian economy while staying in the country.

May the lives of local producers be filled with color

Sales in India increase during festivals. The upcoming big festival is "Holi" which will be celebrated on 18th March this time. In such a situation, it is necessary that on this occasion the finished products in the country should be promoted. This will spread the color of festivals in those homes which have high expectations from you as a producer. Not only on the festival of "Holi" but through all the festivals celebrated in the country, we can take the country on the path of progress. Let us tell you that at the time when Holi is spreading colors around us, at the same time spring is also spreading colors around us. Ugadi, Puthandu, Gudi Padwa, Bihu, Navreh, Podla, Boishakh, Baisakhi are being celebrated all over the country with enthusiasm, enthusiasm and new hope.

Every Indian has to take a pledge

Every Indian has to take a pledge for this. This is the reason that this time PM Modi has also appealed to the countrymen to celebrate "Vocal for Local" Holi and has laid great emphasis on using the products prepared in the country in all the upcoming festivals. On this festival, definitely think about the happiness of other small businesses who are working hard to make the 'Self-reliant India' campaign a success. In place of foreign products, we can fill color in their lives by buying finished products through small businessmen of the country itself.

PM Modi has also appealed to the countrymen

This time in the 86th episode of his "Mann Ki Baat", PM Modi has talked about buying local products on "Holi". During this, especially referring to the upcoming 'Holi' festival, he said that this festival is to be celebrated with 'Vocal for Local'. This will strengthen the local product of the country. He said that now after a few days all of you will start preparing for Holi. In such a situation, you should buy local products on festivals, so that the lives of the people living around you are also filled with colours, colours, there is enthusiasm. He had also said that with the success with which our country is fighting the battle against Corona, and, moving forward, the enthusiasm in festivals has also increased manifold. With this zeal, we have to celebrate our festivals, and at the same time, we have to maintain our caution.

Central government is doing the work of public awareness

To make the dream of "Self-reliant India" come true, we have to adopt Vocal for Local in the country. For this, the central government is running various online campaigns. In order to inculcate the feeling of 'Vocal for Local' among the countrymen, the Central Government also started the 'Be Vocal About Local Pledge' oath program, in which online pledge is administered to those adopting local products. To be a part of this government campaign, you have to visit www.pledge.mygov.in/vocalaboutlocal/. After taking oath on this platform, a certificate will also be issued in your name which you can also download online. You can also send the certificate to your email or mobile.

In order to promote Vocal for Local, the Central Government is organizing Hunar Haat across the country, where a very old and ancestral tradition, which is vanishing with the help of indigenous production, is also being kept alive. The call by the central government to encourage indigenous products has given new life to the indigenous industry of India. Every region of the country is full of "masters of skill" making excellent products of wood, brass, bamboo, glass, cloth, paper, clay. “Hunar Haat” platform was prepared to provide opportunity-market to this wonderful indigenous production of these.

'Vocal for Local' should be given the form of global quality

In this way, when PM Modi's call for 'Vocal for Local' is slowly taking the form of a mass movement across the country, in the meantime, with the efforts of the Central Government, there is a lot of emphasis on making "Vocal for Local" a global quality. being given. Under this, emphasis is being laid on improving the quality of the products manufactured in the country. Indian products have to do better than foreign products to make their mark outside the country.

India has also made a lot of improvement in this direction. Action Plan 2022 between India and Germany has been signed on 16 February 2022 to strengthen quality infrastructure, remove technical barriers to business activities, enhance product safety and strengthen consumer protection. On this basis, both the countries are involved in mobility, energy, circular economy, smart farming, agriculture, medical equipment, digitization (Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0 and other new technology areas), machinery security, medical devices and other equipment. and have agreed to cooperate in quality infrastructure for market monitoring.

Notably, India has been ranked 7th in standardization, 9th for accreditation activities and 19th for metrology related activities in the Global Quality Infrastructure Index (GQII) study.

Deep impression on the world scene for organic products

This is the reason that today India's organic products are in demand all over the world. The hallmark of India's local product was seen when there was an unprecedented increase in the sale of local goods including Khadi and other village industries products. Yes, despite the Kovid-19 pandemic, the sale of almost all products including Khadi clothing, incense sticks, candles, diyas, honey, metal art products, cotton and silk fabrics, agricultural products and food items increased which is the call of the Central Government. The result was

India on the way to Global Best

Now once again PM Modi has given the mantra of 'Zero Effect, Zero Defect' and has called that whatever is the global best, we should show it by making it in India. The country's highest expectation is from our youth power, which is capable of achieving every goal. In such a situation, the youth of the country will have to come forward and take India on the path of global best.

'Vocal for local' echoed in every household of the country in Corona crisis

During the Corona crisis, the echo of Vocal for Local in every household of the country not only gave new strength to our domestic products and producers but also made rapid strides towards 'Self-reliant India'. During that time there was a massive boom in all the production sectors in the country. Among them, agriculture sector and health sector were prominent.

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