BHU to work on Sattvik certification standards in the world

 had been conducted by the Department of Dairy Science and Food Technology and Sattvik Council of India 

BHU : Sattvik Council of India is a Non-profit Organization& the World's first and pioneering Vegetarian food & lifestyle Standard Development organization established with an objective to promote the certification of vegetarian food. this is an indigenous certification that develops & designed in India with an aim to regulate the Vegetarian food and lifestyle chain. This certification fetches its inspiration from VEDAS and PURANS - the heritage of India. Sattvik Council ensures the creation of "VEGETARIAN ENVIRONMENT" for vegetarian consumers around the world. It’s a Revolutionary initiative to bring a better place for Vegetarian consumers around the globe. With the requirement for the new SOP’s and standards in the food supply chain, Sattvik MARK guarantees the trust & Belief for 100% Vegetarian/vegan Products.

Prof. Dinesh Chandra Rai, Head of the Department welcomed the guest and explain the importance of Sattvik Food certification.  

Ms Pratishtha Awasthi (SENIOR RESEARCH ANALYST-Head India Division) spoke about the Application of Sattvik Certification in Modern Industries, she explained the current requirement of the need of the Vegetarian Assurance Certification in today’s time where the is huge shift towards the Vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, how consumers still face the dilemma for the assurance, she spoke the requirement in major six industries, which are (food, HORECA, Hospitality, Textile Ec. In her thank you note , she thank the HoD o Dairy and Food Tech Department for conducting the seminar).

In addition, Ms. Purva Sharma (Senior Research Analyst heading International Division)  explained about the operation of Sattvik Certifications Internationally. In expansion phase, SCI expands their operations too at “South Africa, New York, Canada”. Soon, Certification will be available in more countries. She further quoted during her speech “there is a huge demand of vegetarian certification worldwide. Till now consumers didn’t has a choice, bu now with satvik certification, people get a sense of security, assurance, trust”.

In addition, Ms Sukanya S Nair (Research Analyst- Training and Education) explained about the training and education part, about our various courses and its benefits. Also told about the Skill Enhancement and Entrepreneurship Development Program which is in collaboration with IRCTC in which a student can know 360 degree about the Indian Railways and its mechanisms. She explained about how Sattvik Council of India will create job opportunities for the young talent. And how to up skill today’s youth and make them industry ready professionals.

Mr Abhishek Biswas (Founder of SCI) spoke about his vision of establishing a vegetarian ecosystem by 2025. He believes with trust, technology can fullfill it’s potential & Sattvik is shaping the consumer trust & assurance in vegetarian food & lifestyle certification. In addition, He further stated SCI in association with BHU will conduct a bigger event in mid of year. It is just a curtain raiser.  He had interacted with the students and certification process in detail and enlighten the certification manuals published by the Sattvik Council of India.

Ms. Chandrali hosted the session and Dr. Arvind had given the vote of the thanks.

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