BHU : International Virtual Conference organized in Department of Zoology

 Varanasi : On the second day of International Virtual Conference, "Recent Trends in Animal Sciences" organized by Ecophysiology Thrust Area, Department of Zoology (Centre for Advanced Study, Institute of Science) of Banaras Hindu University, scientists interacted with animals through virtual platform. He expressed his views on research based. On this occasion, Prof. MK. Thakur presided over the first session. The first lecture was delivered by Dr. Rajesh Singh, Morehouse School of Medicine, who expressed his views on the contribution of nanoparticles in cancer therapy. Thereafter, Professor M.K. Discussion was held on immunological biomarkers being developed for prostate cancer by Mishra, Alabama State University. Thereafter, Professor A.C. from Delhi University. Bharathi expressed his views on the reconstruction of homeopathy in anti-cervical cancer and anti-HPV therapy. The final lecture of the session was delivered by Professor B.D. from Delhi Technological University. Malhotra on nanostructured metal oxide-based biosensors for cancer detection.

Professor Chandana Haldar, Department of Zoology presided over the second scientific session, in which Prof. Kalpana Pai delivered his lecture on the diversity of zooplankton and tardigrades in the North-Western Ghats of India. Subsequently, Dr. Jitendra Kumar Sundaraya, CIFA Odisha in his lecture discussed the recent advances in fish genetics and biotechnology.

In the e-poster session, about 100 participants from different fields participated and presented their research through virtual posters. Participants presented their research work from the areas of animal biology, behavioral ecology, circadian science, entomology, environmental science, fisheries science, immunology and nanotechnology. The session was highly informative in which new perspectives on new developments in animal research were presented.

Professor of Physics Dept. The final session was presided over by Anchal Srivastava. Dr. Ajay Vikram Singh from BFR, Berlin gave a detailed discussion on lung disorders through strategies and models like inhalation and in vitro testing for toxicology. The second day of the conference also saw a large number of participants interacting with professors, scientists and researchers, both physically and virtually, and enhanced their subject knowledge during various sessions. 

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