Abdul proved that talent is not a matter of any caste religion

Ayodhya :  Amazed by the knowledge of Gita  Abdul Hasan, resident of Maharashtra.  He answered all the fifty questions correctly in the competition based on the teachings of Bhagavad Gita and Lord Krishna and came first among 3 thousand participants.  The competition was organized online by the Ayodhya unit of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKAN).  It was attended by more than three thousand participants from all over the world.  The institution gives certificate of Geeta Diploma by considering 40 percent problem solver as passed.  There are one thousand five hundred participants among those who passed, but Abdul is the only one to answer all the questions correctly.

 27-year-old Abdul is originally from Akola in Maharashtra and is currently living in Andheri, Mumbai due to the job of religious teacher.  His full name is Abdul Hasan Abdul Nisar.  They got married only two months ago.  Having earned a degree in Adebe Kamil, considered equivalent to a bachelor's in Islamic education, Abdul is inclined towards different religions.  Due to this trend, he also participated in the program of dialogue and teaching organized in the name of 18 chapters and 18 sessions focused on Gita before the online competition of ISKCON, where the entire 18 chapters were discussed properly and after that the examination was taken.

 Abdul says, 'Living lessons are learned from the Gita.  It makes the soul feel very close to the divine and that is what impresses me.'  ISKCON usually gives certificates and awards online, but excited by the success of Abdul Hasan, the officials of ISKCON are soon preparing to invite him to Ayodhya and reward him.

 The competition in which Abdul came first is the fifth competition organized by the organization in the last 15 months.  According to Devasekhar Vishnudas, the project manager of the online program and senior seeker of ISKCON Ayodhya, Bhakti Vedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada believed that man should be awakened at the level of the soul and on moving in this direction, there would be no distinction of caste-sect-style between the divine and the soul.  And an example like Abdul Hasan gives a living feeling of this truth.

 Krishna Bhakti taking root in Ramnagari: From Mathura, the city of Kanha, the representative organization of Krishna Bhakti established all over the world, ISKCON is also taking root in Ramnagari.  ISKCON center is established in Ramnagar locality.  On behalf of Ayodhya unit of ISKCON, this online Gita is taught by President Shadbhuj Gourdas and Project Director Devasekhar Vishnu Das.  Under the patronage of these two, online learning programs and competitions focused on Gita continue to run continuously and more than five lakh people have participated in it.

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