A specific lecture on 'Confidence Building, Positivity and Success' was organized at BHU

 Varanasi. In the Malviya Price Anushilan Kendra, today on 14.03.2022, under the Mahamana lecture series of the center, Dr. Vijay Rana, (former correspondent BBC London and London resident free-lance journalist) gave a special lecture on the subject of 'confidence building, positivity and success' offline and Organized both online, in which the audience was connected at the center and from different parts of the country. Dr. Vijay Rana said in his speech that “The first step to build our self-confidence and positivity is to first look at ourselves and try to create harmony of our body and mind, so that there is uniformity in our thoughts and behavior. We should develop a tendency to perceive and assimilate the surroundings in our behavior like a conscious person. To keep ourselves positive, we should develop the habit of understanding and encouraging the creativity around us. One should try to openly praise the good works of others. To maintain your enthusiasm, you should spend quality time with your family and friends. At the same time, we should try that every night while sleeping, note any three good deeds done by ourselves in the diary and read it occasionally. We should develop the tendency to recognize and enjoy even the smallest joys in life. All these habits infuse confidence, positivity and success in our life. In his presidential address, he said that "The biggest example of confidence, positivity and success in life was our founder Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya ji. Various special speeches of this lecture series organized in his memory benefit the students in a big way. He said that we will get real benefit only by applying the practical sources mentioned by Dr. Vijay Rana ji. Dr. Ramesh Kumar Nirmesh conducted the program. Dr. Abhishek Tripathi, Dr. Sanjeev Sarraf, Dr. Ramesh Lal, Mr. Arvind Pal, Mr. Mannat, Mr. Chhote Lal etc. were present in the program. 

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