Russia-Ukraine Update News: Russian soldiers enter Ukraine's second-biggest city Kharkiv


Russia Ukraine Update News : Russia Ukraine War Crisis News Today, 27 Feb: The Ukrainian wellbeing clergyman said on Saturday that 198 individuals have been killed and in excess of 1,000 others harmed to date. Russia Ukraine Crisis Live: Russian soldiers have entered Kharkiv in Ukraine's north-east, a counsel to Ukraine's inside serve and different authorities have said. It is the nation's second-biggest city.As Russian powers began moving in towards the Ukrainian capital from all side, two enormous blasts were heard south of Kyiv in Vasylkiv right off the bat Sunday, as indicated by news office Reuters. As Russia's hostility moved to the roads of various Ukrainian urban communities, the Russian Ministry of Defense said its soldiers have been arranged to continue their hostile "every which way". This comes after Ukraine's outgunned powers held the capital for the third day on Saturday as the conflict went on the nation over. A resistant Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky advised residents to protect the country as he personally would not leave Kyiv.In the interim, departure of Indians abandoned in Ukraine, for the most part understudies, went on as 219 individuals got off from the principal flight that flew them home from Bucharest in Romania. Association Minister Piyush Goyal, who was at the Mumbai air terminal to get those emptied, said: "We are glad that 219 of our residents, who are for the most part understudies, most of them young ladies, have returned securely. The Prime Minister particularly requested that I go to Mumbai to guarantee that they are dealt with."

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