PM Modi speaks to Russian President, sensitized Moscow on India's concerns regarding the safety of the Indian citizens

Delhi . Prime Minister Narendra Modi today held a telephonic conversation with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and called for the immediate cessation of violence in Ukraine. The Russian Presidency briefed PM Modi about the recent developments regarding Ukraine. 

During the conversation, PM Modi appealed to the parties (concerning sides) to return to the path of diplomatic negotiations and dialogue. He further reiterated that the differences between Russia and the NATO group can only be resolved through honest and sincere dialogue.

According to the statement released by the Prime Minister’s Office, during the call with the Russian President, PM Modi also discussed India’s concern regarding the safety of Indian students in Ukraine especially students. 

PM Modi conveyed that India attaches the highest priority to their safe exit and return to India, the statement added.

MEA sends teams to land borders of Ukraine

In a significant effort to bring back stranded Indians amidst the spiraling tensions exacerbated by Moscow’s move in Ukraine, the Ministry of External Affairs announced that the government officials are being sent near border areas of Ukraine to assist Indians seeking their early return. 

“To assist in the evacuation of Indian nationals from Ukraine, MEA Teams are being sent to the land borders with Ukraine in Hungary, Poland, Slovak Republic, and Romania,” the statement by the Ministry of External Affairs read.

The statement further called on Indian nationals near the above border point to get in touch with the Ministry officials in case they wish to depart Ukraine. Currently, over 15,000 Indian students are stranded in various parts of Ukraine.

Reaching out to stranded Indian nationals, earlier in his address, Indian Ambassador to Ukraine Partha Satpathy advised all Indian students to stay wherever they are in their normal area of habitation in view of the prevailing situation. 

He further said that the Indian Embassy in Kyiv is operating round the clock ensuring the safety and security of all the nationals there. 

Meanwhile, the Indian Embassy in Kyiv wrote to the Government of Ukraine for the safety & security of the stranded Indian Students in Ukraine. The Embassy further requested the Ukrainian government, to avail essential amenities like food and water for the Indian nationals. 

Whom to contact

In a statement released, the Ministry of External Affairs said that the officials from the Ministry are already on their way to border areas of Ukraine- Zahony border post, Krakowiec land border, Vysne Nemecke land border and Suceava land border. 

The Ministry further shared the contact details of the officials- 

-Hungary-Ukraine border:  S Ramji, (Mobile: +36305199944, Whatsapp: +917395983990), Ankur (Mobile and Whatsapp: +36308644597), and Mohit Nagpal (Mobile: +36302286566, Whatsapp: +918950493059) can be contacted for assistance. 

-Poland-Ukraine border: Pankaj Garg (Mobile: +48660460814 / +48606700105)

-Slovak Republic-Ukraine border: Manoj Kumar (Mobile: +421908025212) and Ivan Kozinka
(Mobile: +421908458724)

-Romania-Ukraine border: Gaushul Ansari (Mobile: +40731347728), Uddeshya Priyadarshi
(Mobile: +40724382287), Andra Harionov (Mobile: +40763528454) and Marius Sima (Mobile: +40722220823)

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