PM Modi dedicated to the two new railway line nation, said, "Mumbai's life will be given and the speed"

Delhi ।  PM Modi dedicated two additional railway lines connecting Thane and Diva on Friday to the nation through video conference. During this time, he also flags two suburban trains of Mumbai. Tell PM Modi has dedicated this new rail line nation one day before the birth anniversary of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. During the birth anniversary of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's birth anniversary, PM Modi also addressed the program. He said, Yesterday is the birth anniversary of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. First of all, I salute India's pride, India's identity and culture in the feet of the great superherit of the country. A lot of Mumbai will be added further to the front of the Mumbai Modi, on the launch of PM Modi, the fifth and sixth rail line, on the launch of PM Modi and the sixth rail line between Thane-Diva, adding further to the railway line. These new railway lines will bring a major change in the lives of Mumbai, their ease of living will increase. These new railway lines will give more speed to Mumbai's everthcoming life. On the Central Railway line, 36 new local PM Modi informed that 36 new localities are going on to the Central Railway line from today. Most of these are AC trains. This is a part of the central government's commodity to expand the facility of the local. Ahmedabad-Mumbai High Speed Rail today, the country's requirement, said that Mumbai Metropolitan has contributed its important contribution in the progress of Azad India. Now the effort is that Mumbai's power has increased several times in the construction of self-reliant India. Therefore, there is a special focus on the construction of the 21st century infrastructure in Mumbai. Adding forward PM Modi said, Ahmedabad-Mumbai High Speed Rail is required today, the country of Mumbai. It will empower Mumbai's identity as a city of dreams. These projects are completed at a fast speed, it is the priority of all of us. ... So, "PM Promotment National Master Plan" PM Modi said that infrastructure projects used to go for years since years, due to planning to co-ordination from planning to the Excise. It is not possible to build infrastructure of 21st century India from this approach. Therefore, we have made PM Masketakti National Master Plan forward, he further said that for many years, we had a thought that the resource uses poor, the middle class uses, do not invest on it. Because of this, the glow of India's public transport was always faded. But now India is moving behind that old thinking, the modern railway station is becoming a modern railway station, PM Modi said, Gandhinagar and Bhopal are becoming identification of the modern railway station railway. Today, more than 6000 railway stations have joined the WiFi facility. Vande India Trains are giving speed and modern facility to the country's rail. In the coming years, 400 new Vande India will start serving the countrymen, due to this, two additional tracks made because of this, the Kalyan is the main junction of the Central Railway. Traffic coming from the northern and southern part of the country goes together and the Chhatrapati goes towards Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSTM). Two of the four tracks between welfare and CSTM were used for slow local trains and two tracks were used for fast local, mail express and goods. Two additional tracks were planned to separate suburban and long distance trains. Two additional railway lines connecting the railway line Thane and Diva, which have been made at a cost of Rs 620 crore, have been made at a cost of about Rs 620 crore and it includes 1.4 km long rail flyover, 3 major bridges, 21 small bridges. These lines will remove the interruption in traffic of long distance trains with traffic of suburban trains in Mumbai to a great extent. 36 new suburban trains will be run in the city from these lines.

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