Organizing "Re-imaging Education" program under the joint aegis of Vedic Science Center and Visvesvaraya Institute, Noida.

The “Re-imaging Education” program was organized under the joint aegis of Vedic Science Center and Visvesvaraya Institute, Noida at Swatantra Bhawan Auditorium, Banaras Hindu University.  The keynote speaker of this program, renowned educationist from Patna, Bihar and founder of "Super-30" Shri Anand Kumar said that Banaras is a living city, which he likes the most.  He said that dreaming is very necessary to be successful in life and it is necessary to give 100% to fulfill it.  All the dreams that he saw were fulfilled, but the dreams that he had not seen were also fulfilled.  He told about the important role of Banaras Hindu University in its success.  While guiding the children, he said that dream as big as you can, you will have to struggle for success, but after the time of struggle, a golden dream will come true.  One should pay special attention to four things- 1. There should be strong thirst, 2. There should be positive thinking, 3. Be a Karmayogi (hard effort), there is no substitute for hard work, 4. Infinite patience is required.  The darker the night, the closer you get to the morning, with infinite patience you can achieve success.  Where there is a will, there is a way.  Keep up the will power.  Describing the usefulness of Vedic Mathematics, he said that Vedic Mathematics is very useful for modern science and it is very useful for its teaching and training science, as well as expressed his desire for the lecture of Vedic Mathematics in the Vedic Science Center.  At the end of the program the University, IIT  And about 50 students of 10+2 outside asked questions regarding preparation related to maths and exams, which were answered appropriately by Anand Kumar.  Presiding over the program, Professor KN Dwivedi, Faculty of Ayurveda Faculty said that children should work hard so that they can become whatever they want.  While welcoming the program and introducing the theme, Prof. Upendra Kumar Tripathi, the coordinator of the Vedic Science Center, told the students present about the science contained in the Vedas and said that Vedic science was not less than modern science, but was excellent, which was developed over a period of time.  In the absence of research, the interest of the students decreased in it.  Vedic Vigyan Kendra will work to make research of endangered Vedic sciences useful for public.  Dr. V.R. Mishra, Director of Visvesvarya Group of Institutions, while thanking the guests, the students present, the students, teachers said that the students who passed during the Kovid period should not consider themselves less than anyone, because they have shown their commitment towards studies even in this difficult situation of epidemic.  Keep your passion.  Along with this, while explaining in detail about his institute, he told about the immense possibilities in the field of engineering.

 At the beginning of the program, the guests were greeted by garlanding the statue of Mahamana Malaviya ji, Vedic invocation, singing of Kulgeet and by providing floral bouquet, answer and memento to the guests by Director of Vishwaswarya Sansthan and COO Ms. Purnima Sharma.  The program was mainly attended by Prof. Mrityunjay Dev Pandey, Prof. Brajbhushan Ojha, Dr. Ajit Mishra, employees of Vedic Science Center, university students, COO Ms. Purnima Sharma, Faculty Head, Dr. Vijay Yadav, staff, 10+2 level on behalf of Vishwaswarya Sansthan.  About 500 students and teachers were present and about 5000 participants were connected on the virtual platform.

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