International Mother Language Day organized in BHU

International Mother Language Day organized in BHU
 Varanasi.  Under the auspices of the Malaviya Value Anushilan Kendra of Banaras Hindu University, the celebration of Bevinar was concluded on the occasion of International Mother Language Day under the Mahamana lecture series.  The chief guest, expert on human values ​​and distinguished professor of Gujarat Vidyapeeth, Surendra Pathak, while explaining the importance of language said that language is the action of the mind and language is activity.  The experience of language is accepted in the intellect.  You said that there is emotion at the root of language and originality is at the root of emotion and due to this fundamental quality, language itself plays an effective role.  The guarantee of success in working in the mother tongue is more, because the child starts learning the mother tongue from the womb itself.
 Presiding over the coordinator of Malviya Value Anushilan Kendra, Prof. Asharam Tripathi said that the biggest advocate of mother tongue was Mahamana Malviya ji.  The movement he made to work in the court in the mother tongue is unforgettable.  The welcome address was given by Dr. Ramkumar Dangi.  Dr. Sanjeev Saraf and gratitude were expressed by Dr. Usha Tripathi.
 On this occasion, Deputy Coordinator Prof. Girijashankar Shastri, Dr. Abhishek Tripathi, Dr. Preeti Verma, Dr. Vivekananda Upadhyay, Dr. Ramesh Nirmesh, Dr. Dharmajung, Dr. Rajiv Verma, Dr. Ramesh Lal had special cooperation.

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