India is emphasizing on self-reliance in the defense sector: PM Modi

Delhi :  Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Defense Ministry's post-budget webinar 'Self-reliance in Defense - Call to Action' in New Delhi on Friday morning.  During this, he emphasized on strengthening domestic production in the defense sector and making the country self-reliant and said that this webinar itself makes the intentions of the country clear.

 Importance of India's self-reliance in the defense sector

 PM Modi further said, you will also see the commitment of the self-reliance that India has been emphasizing in its defense sector for the last few years in this year's budget.  Even during the period of slavery and immediately after independence, the strength of our defense manufacturing was very high.  Weapons made in India played a big role in the Second World War.  Although this strength of ours kept on weakening in the later years, but it shows that there was no shortage of capacity in India then and neither is it now.

 PM Modi told the basic principle of security

 He told that the basic principle of security is that you should have your own customized and unique system only then it will help you.  If 10 countries have the same type of defense equipment, then there will be no uniqueness of your armies.  Uniqueness and surprise element These can happen only if the equipment is developed in your own country.

 Blueprint for Developing Vibrant Ecosystem in Defense Sector

 PM Modi said that emphasizing on the country's strength in the defense sector, PM Modi said that this year's budget has a blueprint for developing a vibrant ecosystem within the country from research, design and development to manufacturing.  About 70 per cent of the defense budget has been earmarked for domestic industry only.

 He said that the Defense Ministry has so far released the positive and identification list of more than 200 defense platforms and equipment.  After the announcement of this list, contracts worth Rs 54 thousand crore have been signed for domestic procurement.

 Defense manufacturing boost

 Apart from this, the process related to equipments worth more than Rs 4.5 lakh crore is also in different stages.  Very soon the third list is also coming.  This shows how now they are supporting defense manufacturing in the country itself.

 The process of bringing weapons from outside is long

 Adding further, he said that when we bring weapons from outside, its process is so long that by the time they reach our security forces, many of them have become outdated.  Its solution is also in Self-reliant India campaign and Make in India.

 The country's armies were also appreciated

 In this context, the Prime Minister said that I would also appreciate the armies of the country that they are also taking very important decisions, understanding the importance of India's self-reliance in the defense sector.  Today our army has equipment made in India, then their confidence, their pride also reaches a new height and in this we should also understand the feelings of the soldiers standing on the border.

 PM Modi further said, our ordnance factories are a great example of what results come when we move forward with determination with full devotion.  Last year we created 7 new Defense Public Undertakings.  Today they are expanding business rapidly, reaching new markets.

 Defense exports grew 6 times in 5-6 years

 Adding further, he said that it is also very pleasant that in the last 5-6 years, we have increased defense exports 6 times.  Today we are providing Made in India Defense Equipments and Services to more than 75 countries.

 Result of government's encouragement to Make in India

 PM Modi said, as a result of the government's encouragement to Make in India, more than 350 new industrial licenses have been issued for defense manufacturing in the last 7 years.  Whereas in the fourteen years from 2001 to 2014, only 200 licenses were issued.

 A transparent, time bound, pragmatic and fair system of trial, testing and certification is essential for the development of a vibrant defense industry.  For this an independent system can prove useful in solving problems.

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