agriculture Drones to bring revolution in the rural economy besides creating jobs

With ‘Kisan Drone’ becoming able to take care of the crops of the farmers of the country, making way for a substantial increase in their produce and income, it is a beginning of a new age technological revolution in the rural economy.

On the occasion of flagging of 100 Kisan drones, Prime Minister Narendra Modi assured that the centre will draft policies to ensure all possible support to the start-ups engaged in manufacturing Kisan Drone, saying no hindrance would be allowed to come in the way of this emerging new drone market in the country. He said the country could fly high if policies are drafted with the right spirit and purpose.

Until now, there had been a perception that drones could be used only for security purposes by the armed forces and other concerned agencies, but Kisan Drone Suvidha has added a glorious chapter in the direction of modern agricultural facilities, that have ample prospects to change the directions of the agriculture and bring in transformation in the life of farmers.

This is a commendable initiative by a vibrant start-up Garuda Aerospace and this innovative technology will empower the farmers and make agriculture more profitable, bringing prosperity to the life of the farmers. Garuda Aerospace has set a target of making one lakh ‘Made in India’ drones in the next two years. This will also generate new jobs and new opportunities for youngsters.

“I am sure this launch will not only prove to be a milestone in the development of the drone sector but will also open endless doors of possibilities. I am also told that Garuda Aerospace has set a target of making one lakh ‘Made in India’ drones in the next two years. This will generate new jobs and new opportunities for several youngsters, said PM Modi.

The government has given priority to the developments of technologies and innovations, paving way for the diverse uses of drones. During the recent Beating Retreat too, the entire nation witnessed a spectacular display of 1000 drones.
Under the Swamitva scheme, the accounts of the lands across the country and houses being constructed in the villages, are also being taken care of through drones. Even medicines are being supplied through drones and vaccines are being provided through drones to remote areas. With the help of high-capacity drones, farmers may be able to send fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers from their fields to the markets in the days to come. People associated with pisci-culture can also benefit as they need to reach the market swiftly and ponds are normally in remote locations from the market. The produce of the fishermen and farmers will reach the market in the shortest possible time with minimum damage.

The policies are yet to be announced by the government regarding Kisan drones to benefit the start-ups engaged in this sector. Many start-ups and other technology companies are moving fast in this direction and a new ecosystem of the drone market is fast developing. Presently, more than 200 drone start-ups are estimated to be working in the country and their numbers may increase multi-fold with the government being very ambitious about this sector with all possible supports. This will create huge job opportunities for the youth.

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